[Blaugust Day 5] [FFXIV] Dilemma Resolved

My new summoner book!

My new summoner book!

Yesterday I mentioned having a dilemma as to which weapon to buy with my Esoterics — Black Mage or Summoner.  I looked at it and thought to myself “Black Mage is now more annoying to play than anything and I often feel disappointed in myself when playing it due to allowing that Enochian buff to drop off.  Sure, it might become more fun again if SE does a balance pass on it, but Summoner is fun right now.”  Add in that I checked out the Eso gear looks with the “try on” option and the Summoner gear looks nicer, IMO, and well….. summoner it is.  not that appearance really matters what with glamouring and whatnot, but it’s still nice to have a base appearance that I like.

My new glamoured appearance

My new glamoured appearance

I glamoured my existing gear anyway.  I like the “witch’s robe” look of the level 58 and level 60 caster gear, but I wanted something a little more…. I don’t even know which adjective to use.  Dynamic?  Does that even apply to clothing, especially virtual clothing?  Anyway… I went with putting the Summoner class gear appearance on the legs for a shorter skirt, and then used my racial chest piece that I started the game with for the chest appearance, and I really like how it turned out.

On the White Mage front, I did the hunts that I could again, plus joined a Churning Mists FATE train for a couple of minutes and that was enough to ding 51, so woot on that.  Not that It really matters until 52 and a new skill, but it’s still always nice to see the number advance!

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. I keep considering leveling Summoner (mine is level 48 right now) and trying it out, but it sounds like it’s really complex. Any thoughts or tips for a Summoner noob?

    • Honestly past 50 it doesn’t change, you just get more AE skills, really. The only hard part is making sure you keep your dots up as much as possible. They don’t have the same duration, so that’s where the “complexity” lies, is in making sure you recast the right one as it’s expiring, but there are only the 3 dots, so it’s really not that much to keep track of.

  2. Gosh am so glad I’m not the only one disliking the enochian thing!! >_<
    I am so stressed out during dungeons now. I also hate the animation for it.
    Then I saw the BLM infographic on ffxiv-reddit tonight and apparently I am doing half of it wrong rofl……

    Anyway, I only have one lvl60 character in FFXIV, so I bought the staff myself two nights ago 🙂

    • I don’t really mind it so much, but a lot of the bosses seem to have either 8 gajillion things to dodge so it’s too easy for Astral Fire to drop off with only a 10s duration, or sometimes you can actually turret for about 25 seconds, but then getting over to Umbral Ice and getting the Blizzard 4 cast off just doesn’t happen due to the boss mechanics kicking in at that exact moment and…. every time it happens I just get so frustrated. Add in that Ley Lines seems guaranteed to get an AE directed your way so you never get to stay in the circle and actually use it and BLM is just an exercise in frustration anymore.

      OTOH, Summoner does have its own frustrations too. Since to get your dps going requires applying 3 dots and your big aetherflow hit needs that applied too, it’s hard to take out adds quickly on the bosses that need them gone asap. Still and all… there’s no frustrating fight vs the mechanics — you apply the dots, hit Fester, spam Ruin a few times, reapply the dots….. sure, keeping the dots up with their variable durations can sometimes be interesting but that’s actually made easier with Tri-disaster anymore, so it’s not in any way frustrating at all, and that’s why I made the switch.

      Oddly enough, back at 50 I thought the Summoner was a PITA with the dot management, and played the BLM becuz it was simpler. Now the dot management is the easy thing. Not digging it — I still want to think of myself as a BLM, but… just too annoying when I have a different option that does the same or better damage and is fun by comparison.

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