[Blaugust Day 7] [FFXIV] Slow Day

The tank in yesterday's expert run

The tank in yesterday’s expert run

After yesterday’s post I logged in, swapped to White Mage, did what hunts I could at level 51, then logged out and took my kids to the local aquarium.  We met my mom, 2 of my sisters, and 3 of my kids’ cousins there.  Saw all manner of marine-related animals, except perhaps the parrots in the South America section.  I dunno that those are really water-related animals….  But anyway, we were all pretty tired when we got home from that, so the kids jumped into Minecraft to relax and the wife and I just watched some of our recorded tv shows.  And I didn’t log back in to any games last night at all.  and thus the slow day title of this post.

I still have a goal of capping out my Esoterics tomes each week, though, plus I’m still working on getting the level 60 healer set up to “max non-raid.”  In light of that, I logged in this morning before the daily reset and ran my daily expert and again worked on the hunts that I could with the White Mage while using the summoner to clear the rest.  and then I still had some time, so I did a leveling roulette with the White Mage too.  Tam-Tara Deepcroft yet again.  Seems to be my most common one anymore.  At least it’s quick….  This took me high enough there that I think just the hunt logs after today’s reset might pop me over level 52.  If not it’ll be close enough to do a couple of FATEs probably, so…. progress!  Doing the Expert and the hunts also got me enough seals and Law tomes to upgrade my boots from 170 to 180 and buy the gloves for the set taking them from 160 to 170.  This got my healer set’s gear average up to 174 out of a possible 179 for “non-raid” gear, so I’m getting close — just need to upgrade the head and belt pieces out of the current green 160 gear that I got from these endlessly repeating runs of the expert dungeons.

But today we’re going to the zoo and it’s time for me to hop in the shower to get ready for that, and who knows if I’ll play this evening or will end up doing early morning stuff tomorrow?  Happy gaming out there!

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