[Blaugust Day 8][FFXIV] White Mage to 52

This weather was called Aetheric Lightning and the screenshot does it no justice at all

This weather was called Aetheric Lightning and the screenshot does it no justice at all

I got a “bad” draw on my daily hunts yesterday and 5 of them were for mobs level 57-59.  This meant that I could only do 10 as a level 51 White Mage and I didn’t gt as close to 52 as I thought I would from doing those.  But, I finished those up in Churning Mists and there were 2 FATE groups running so I joined one of them and got to 52 in short order.  What was kinda funny was that I’d gotten to within needing only 1 or 2 FATEs to finish up when the “DD” chain popped that’s worth a lot more than a normal fate, so I knew I’d finish the level doing that series of 3 FATEs… and I as right, becuz after the 1st 2 FATEs in the chain (which are actually worth less, but the 3rd one is worth a ton) I got the challenge log bonus for completing 10 unique FATEs and that gave a nice 83K chunk of xp and leveled me right there.  Then we did the 3rd FATE and it was worth nearly 10% of my next level already.  Nice way to start a new level, doncha think?

Level 52 skill is mine!

Level 52 skill is mine!

So, level 52 meant I pulled out the set of gear I had saved up for that milestone then off to North Shroud to get my new class quest.  This one was a departure from a typical quest in that it actually played to the strengths of the class — I needed to be a healer, not dps.  Since every other class/job quest to this point needed me to do dps, generally killing the low-hp adds 1st, that was what I started doing, but by the time the 1st set was down, the NPC that were with me all died and then I got swarmed under.  So the next time I paid attention to the quest text which said “Leave the damage to us, and just keep us healed” so… that was actually easy enough to do in spite of not having a party window  and having to click on the NPC’s individually that I still got to stance dance and throw in some dps to help out that way too.  And it was really nice to have a job quest for a healer that needed me to heal, finally.

I like this look

I like this look

I also pulled out my Astrologian and looked at the gear, since I’d confirmed that there were no “class sets” for any of the 3 new jobs at 45.  It was “good” for level 45 range and would be easily just fine for a FATE grind to 50, but I really didn’t like the look of it with the Coliseum bikini/tights pieces vs the bright white “Dress” gloves and shoes, so I looked at the market board to see if I could upgrade out of the level 44 pieces, even though I’m only 45 on the AST.  There was a set of gear that I’d not seen before that was healer-centric with a focus on the mind stat, so rather than simply glamoring my stuff, I bought the stuff and well… you can see what I look like there to the left now.  Other than the jester’s hat, I quite like it, and may use it to glamour other things in the futre.  Time will tell.

Happy gaming out there!

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