[Blaugust Day 9][FFXIV] Astrologian Dings 50

My new caster look

My new caster look

I mentioned a few posts ago a possible plan to try leveling White Mage and Astrologian from 50 to 60 more or less simultaneously, but then started the White Mage on it 1st.  I decided that if i was going to keep to the plan I needed to devote a but more time to the AST, so I took it in to North Thanalan and boarded the FATE train there.  It was amazingly quick to level there.  Levels were coming about every 40 minutes or so, so getting from 45 to 50 only took about 3 and a half, maybe 4 hours.  Since there’s no i50 or i55 gear for the class, it appears that the level 50 quests are tuned assuming you’ll be using i47 dungeon drops or white gear from a crafter, but I have nearly a full set of i115 HQ white gear from HW, and what isn’t i115 is i120 from World of Darkness, so…. yeah, jumped from i43 gear average to i116 upon reaching level 50.  And the 2 job quests were very easy since I was doing probably 50% more damage than it was tuned for.  That was kinda nice.  Now to get it 2 more levels to catch up to the WHM. . .  Probably will just keep FATE grinding in North Thanalan, actually.  Seems to be easier to find a group there than in Coerthas Western Highlands, and I won’t need to level sync there either, so it should work out well.

And the new healer look.

And the new healer look.

I’ve capped out my Esoterics for the week again, so I’m currently sitting on 360 of them (450 x 3 weeks = 1350, less the 990 I spent on my weapon = 360) and I’ve been looking at the upgrade paths.  On the one hand, the accessories and belt are cheapest and they’re actually shared, so I could use them for my BLM as well if I were so inclined, but on the other… the armor looks like it’s a better upgrade on a piece by piece basis.  But is getting 1 “great” piece worth not getting 2 other “very good” pieces?  That’s my current dilemma.  Not that it’s really a dilemma, since you know… just a game.  Still and all… kinda cool that the game is actually giving me interesting decisions about my gear upgrade path, not just how to play it.

I also decided that I don’t particularly like looking like every other caster or healer out there with the i170/180 gear, so I went on a glamouring spree.  Results are in today’s screenies.  Happy gaming out there!

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