[Blaugust Day 10][FFXIV] Astrologian to 52


Level 52 AST quest complete!

An interesting oddity for your xp when hitting 50 in FFXIV is that your XP bonus for having higher-level jobs is reduced from 100% to 50% and as a result, FATEs in North Thanalan actually are worth less xp than they were at level 49.  Fortunately, the FATEs in Coerthas Western Highlands are plentiful and with the recent xp bump, very worthwhile — the level 50’s are worth 32k XP, and the level 51’s are worth 34K xp.  There are a couple of FATE chains with the 1st FATE worth a bit less, but the final one worht more, and of course there’s “Dzu” which is worth 85K, if you have enough people in the zone.  It didn’t feel as fast to level as doing Churning Mists in the mid-50’s but it still felt quicker than doing as manay hunts as possible per day and then waiting for the next day.  and you can see the results off to the left there — I finally have an AE attack.  It even does more damage than a standard Malefic attack, though it also costs about 3x the mana since you know… multiple targets.  I really like the sound effect on it as well as the visual effect too.  It’s just fun to cast.

Yesterday's leveling dungeon was Sohm All.

Yesterday’s leveling dungeon was Sohm Al

I also ran the leveling, high level, and expert roulettes yesterday even though I’m caped for the week on the Esoterics — I still wanted the Law and Poetics tomes — my Bard job’s level 50 gear was kinda crappy, so I’ve been using the Poetics to push that job closer to i120 before I start working on it.  I’ve also used the Law tomes to finish getting all the blue pieces for the healer set and am at i176 there — just need to upgrade the final 2 pieces (head and belt) from 170 to 180 to get it up to the i179 average that I can get it to without raiding or using Esoterics tomes.  I feel like I could heal for FC groups as a Scholar now, though I’ll admit to not being 100% confident since I haven’t actually healed any Heavensward content at all, but I’m sure I’d be fine.

I can see why some people call this the cyber-chicken barding

I can see why some people call this the cyber-chicken barding

My alt-itis is kicking in with the speed of the leveling up to 50, so I’m starting to feel a bit of a compulsion to at least get Pugilist and Rogue to 30 in order to unlock Monk and Ninja, then work on Dark Knight to 50, and see if I then feel like bringing NIN, MNK, and MCH to 50 also, or feel like working the healers or tanks up to 60 then.  Time will tell, alt-itis could burn out and I’ll focus a single job…. ya never know, and that’s part of what makes playing MMO’s so exciting — so many things to do and ways to do them!

Happy gaming out there!

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