[Blaugust Day 11][FFXIV] A New Week

Yes, I'm still trying to settle on a glamour appearance for my healer set.

Yes, I’m still trying to settle on a glamour appearance for my healer set.

A new week?  But it’s Tuesday!  How is that a new week?

For that, we have to look at FFXIV’s timer reset times.  I’m not 100% sure when they all are, but I know the daily hunt logs reset at 9 AM my time each day, as does the duty finder 1st time bonus.  The weekly hunt log resets at 9 AM on Tuesday, as do the various challenge logs (and this is why it’s a new week).  Oddly enough, the weekly cap on Esoterics tomes resets on Tuesday also, but a few hours earlier.  As a result, I stumbled upon something I found interesting last week when I was off work and tended to play in the early mornings when everyone else was still asleep but I’d normally be getting ready for work:  If you don’t use the daily Duty Finder on Monday, but are playing before the daily reset, yet after the weekly Esoterics reset, you can get the 75 Tomes for an Expert roulette before 9 AM, and then run another Expert after the daily reset and thus get 150 Eso tomes in a single day — already 1/3 of the weekly cap in only 1/7 of the time allotted.  Nice little bonus, and gives a little wiggle room on capping out with then only needing to run the Expert Roulette on 4 of the 6 remaining days of the week, rather than needing to make sure you do it on 6/7.  This, of course, assumes that you can get in that Tuesday morning session 😉

This morning’s Expert for me was the Fractal Continuum.  Even though it’s probably “harder” than Neverreap, it also feels shorter and with fewer mechanics to worry about, so I find it to be far more fun.  I can’t say that I *mind* Neverreap, but it somehow feels more annoying, especially the final boss and his tornadoes.  Anyway, I got in there this morning and everyone appeared at a visual glance to have pretty high gearing.  I could tell that the White Mage had the i200 Esoterics staff, at the very least, and the Dark Knight tank looked to be well outfitted, with the Monk also appearing to be well equipped.  I didn’t inspect anyone to see gear for sure, but it still looked like it’d be a quick run.

And it was a very good and fast run, but it came with its own frustrations.  The tank didn’t ever run Grit, so I was pulling hate off him all the time, especially in the AE trash fights.  I didn’t bother to ask him why, I already know what his response would have been “I do more damage without it and don’t need the mitigation since my gear rocks!”  I generally don’t care about numbers and all that.  If the mobs die and we don’t, I’m perfectly happy, but today I happened to be running a gauge to see how well I was doing since I want to be able to do well in the Expert trials and Alexander if/when I ever actually go into them, and it has the side effect of also gauging how well the party members are doing, and well…. The Monk only did about 60% of the damage I did, and the Dark Knight who refused to take the 20% damage hit by using Grit barely did more than 1/3 of what I did.  And TBH, my numbers were merely on the high side of what the elitists on Reddit would call “average.”  I’m not unhappy at all — the run was highly successful.  The healer never had to cast a rez, even when I was tanking 2 of the 3 mobs due to the tank being lazy on his AE aggro, especially in light of his not having Grit running, and we were through the whole thing in something like 24 minutes, so it was a nice, quick run.

But here’s why I think it’s dangerous to use a parser and why Squeenix says not to do it — it’s very easy to get into the mindset of “Tank lost aggro to me becuz he wanted to do MOAR DPS! but still didn’t do much dps, so he doubly sucks.  And then the Monk should have had the highest dps of all, but only did 60% of mine, so he sucks too.”  And I’ll admit that I gave my commendation to the healer at the end of the run when I typically give it to the other dps player (since tanks and healers tend to get all the comms) becuz the Monk’s dps was low in the parser, not becuz I thought there’d been a problem with the run.  Like I said — mobs died quickly, we didn’t, so without it I’d never have known that his dps was low, and … honestly, I dunno if I’d have given it to the Monk or the healer, since the healer was doing yeoman’s work keeping me up when I was tanking due to ye olde DRK trying to be a dps, but with that evil thing going, it was healer all the way becuz that elitist mindset of “the Monk should have outdps’d me” crept in so easily.

And the summation of all that is… I now know that I’m “slightly above average” in the dps department, and that’s good enough for me, so I don’t think I’ll be using the parser anymore.  I’m doing fine, so if the mobs die and we don’t, that’s all that matters.  No outside influences on my commendation giving either.  Happy gaming out there!

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