[Blaugust Day 12][FFXIV] Moonfaire Event

I like this piece.  Might use it for my healer set's glamour ;-)

I like this piece. Might use it for my healer set’s glamour 😉

I ran my daily hunts last night, plus the weekly hunt had also reset.  Doing all of that took me to 305 Centurio seals, so I upgraded my head armor and…. wait, why is my overall average still 178?  Shouldn’t it be 179?  So I scanned all my gear and oops!  I forgot to upgrade the necklace to 180, so it’s dragging me down.  Ah well.  Just means I’ll need to do 2 more days of hunts to get that done, and since I hunt daily anyway, that’s not a big deal at all.  And then I move on to the tank gear, methinks.  And one of these days I’ll even switch to a tank job and start leveling it.  I’ve already got all the gear sets from 52 to 58 in storage due to the MSQ rewards from back when I was doing that, plus I’ve run enough experts that I’ve got the full i160 dungeon set waiting should I actually manage to level a tank job up before I have enough Law tomes to get that set into place.

Then of course I still have Rogue at 20, Pugilist at 23, Machinist at 30, and Dark Knight at 33 that I need to work on.  And hey!  The Moonfaire event started yesterday, takes place in Costa Del Sol and seems to be designed for level 30 characters!  I think I’ll go log in and see about getting me some nice swimwear!  And I have no screenies, so I’ll take some while logged in too! *Trundles off*

The reward for the event  quest

The reward for the event quest

Okay, the event is designed for level 30.  Basically there are a lot of FATEs that pop on the Costa Del sol beach for it.  Each FATE awards typical xp and GC seals, plus 2 tokens of the event currency.  The items you can buy mostly cost 3 or 5 tokens, though the striped 1-piece swimsuit costs 15.  There’s also an infinitely repeatable quest to turn in Battered Fish (made by Culinarians and they can freely trade or sell it) that gives no xp, but gives a token each time, so a quick trip to the market board can easily buy you all the tokens you could care about.  So… nice way to get some glamour gear for minimal effort, but not any kind of big deal either.

On the other hand, I got a full level for my DRK while doing those FATE’s since they are popping so quickly.  Made it to 35 now, so I need to go do the class quest for it.  Happy gaming out there!

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