[Blaugust Day 15][FFXIV] Working on Machinist

Level 30 MCN in Costa del Sol

Level 30 MCN in Costa del Sol

With all of the FATE running in Costa del Sol or the current event, I decided to run it as a Machinist and see how far I got.  I’m not big on suspense…. made it to level 40 from 30, so it went nice and quick.  I did a few leveling roulettes and once those daily bonuses were exhausted also kept the 2 highest dungeons in the duty finder on queue at all times.  Getting over 3,000 xp per monster kill in a dungeon is still very nice, plus possible gear upgrades from dungeon drops… what’s not to like?  And of course the daily bonuses don’t hurt either.

Level 34 MCN in Brayflox

Level 34 MCN in Brayflox

I found out that MCN is a little different than the other classes.  I’d heard people talking about their “proc-based combos” but I’d misread the tooltips on the skills.  I thought they were combos like any other and the proc was simply for bonus damage, but nope… not the case at all.  The proc is to enable the next skill to even be part of the combo.  The opened is 140 potency, and the other 2 skills are both 100 potency without the proc so it’s a case of “If it ain’t glowing, don’t hit the skill!”  You do have a skill that gives 5 guaranteed procs on a 60 second cooldown and another that gives 50 TP and 1 guaranteed proc every 30 seconds, so there is a bit of management of the procs as well as their 50% randomness.  Assuming all 3 skills can be used in the combo you get 140, 180, and 200 potency.  If a proc doesn’t fire, you start over from the beginning.  It can be annoying, but according to reddit the math works out that it’s really not that big a deal and simply “how the class is, so get used to it.”

Level 39 FATE grinding in Coerthas Central Highlands

Level 39 FATE grinding in Coerthas Central Highlands

At 40 you get your rook autoturret, which apparently is a damage booster.  Looks like at 42 I’ll get the skills that turn it into the MP or TP generator instead of the damage dealer and will finally start to be a support class.  I didn’t like the procs at 1st, but it’s growing on me.  One of my dungeon runs was with someone who’s got MCN to 58 and he said that there are some nice bursty skills I’ll get later on too, which should be nice.  Seeing how quickly I’m getting MCN up (10 levels in a day) is making me want to get Rogue and Pugilist to at least 30 this weekend to unlock Monk and Ninja.  It will enable me to clear out some bag space, if nothing else.  I’m capped on Esoterics for the week again, so I don’t need to run expert roulette unless I want to go after Poetics.  Which might not be a bad idea since MCN shares gear with the BRD and I’ve only got the level 50 set there to i109 as of yet.  That actually should be fine for getting it up to level 53-ish, and then I can use dungeon drops or cheap market board gear to keep going, but… I like complete sets.  I’m funny like that.

My daughter took this shot.  She *loves* fireworks, even pixel ones in a game.

My daughter took this shot. She *loves* fireworks, even pixel ones in a game.

Happy gaming out there!

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