[Blaugust Day 16][FFXIV]Machinist to 45

The newest recruit-a-friend mount.  I want one!

The newest recruit-a-friend mount. I want one!

As per normal, I woke up way too early without my alarm, so I hopped on and due to it being the weekend there were already quite a few people online so I was able to get in a nice FATE group in Coerthas Central Highlands and get up to level 42 in a little under 2 hours.  About then my 5-yr old daughter woke up and wanted to “fly around in winter” with my character so I teleported to the Western Highlands and she flew around while I went down and made breakfast for us.  Through the rest of the day we kinda traded off who’d play.  I did a bit then she’d want to so I’d go watch a movie on Netflix with my wife, then it’d get over and G would have gotten bored so be playing in her room or coloring or something.  Back and forth and I made it to level 45 as a Machinist today.  Got the skill for the level plus did the follow-on story quest.  That rook turret doesn’t really visibly do much, but things do seem to die a little faster when it’s out, so that’s kinda nice.  And then at 45 I got a stun to replace the silence that I’ve had since getting MCN.  They share a cooldown and silence only interrupts casters where stun interrupts anyone, so it seems designed to be a replacement.

Level 45 MCN skill is mine!

Level 45 MCN skill is mine!

Overall impression so far is that it’s a fun enough class, but I think I really would rather that the combo simply be a combo rather than a 50/50 chance of activating the next link in the combo chain.  It’d also be nice if the auto-turret’s attack was a bit more viually arresting so it felt like it was doing more.  Still… minor quibbles and I inted to at least get it to 50 this week.  Not sure if I want to work on the 2 lower melee classes or the DRK next anymore.  They all have their charms, but doing very little other than FATE grinding can also get old too.

I hoper you all had a great weekend, and happy gaming out there!

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