[Blaugust Day 17][FFXIV] Machinist to 47

How's this for a group makeup?

How’s this for a group makeup?

Last night I got to level 45 before posting and posted just before I went to bed.  It wasn’t a case of “barely 45” though, since in Northern Thanalan the FATE spawning seems to go in waves, so everyone will sit around for a while, then suddenly the whole zone goes almost all at once.  As a result, I hit 45 on one FATE but then the whole zone popped and in the flurry of activity for the next 20 minutes I got about halfway through that level.  Yeah… N. Than really can be that quick.  Steady for a bit, then a bit of waiting, and then BAM!  Half a level in 20 minutes.  It’s kind of trippy.

Yet another of my daughter's fascinating screenies

Another of my daughter’s fascinating screenies

So I woke up a little before 6 this morning (in spite of my alarm being set for 7) so I hopped in again.  I’d forgotten to do yesterday’s leveling roulette so I queued up for that.  Interestingly enough, queues seem to pop faster in the early mornings when fewer people are on.  It’s like more people play tanks and healers then, so dps gets better queue times.  Anyway, had a nice smooth run through the Lost Temple of Qarn and leveled to 46 while in there from the mob kills (3503 xp per kill adds up quickly), then upon completion of the dungeon the roulette bonus pushed me to about the halfway mark.  I still had about a half hour, maybe 40 minutes before I needed to get ready for work, so I bipped over to N. Than to see if anything was going on and…. there were 2 FATE groups running plus quite a few stragglers also.  One group had 7 members and the final slot was set for MCN instead of the more typical “open” and since I was on my MCN, that worked out nicely.

Another of my daughter's fascinating screenies

Another of my daughter’s fascinating screenies

There was a little sitting around, but there were also the big waves of FATE spawns, so I got to level 47 in that half hour.  About 200K xp in that short a time.  Leveling pre-50 can be surprisingly quick.  From “the olden days” I still had some level 44 gear that I’d been wearing, but since I now know that the new classes don’t get gear at 45, I also had banked a few level 47 items I’d picked up out of Aurum Vale on a roulette some time ago with my BLM, so I swapped into those.  Next milestone will be 50 and I’ve been working on getting a full i120 Ironworks set for Bard with the poetics tomes, so MCN will be able to use that also.  As it stands now, hitting 50 wil jump my gear level to 109 from the current 42, so that will be nice.

Happy gaming out there!

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