[Blaugust Day 18][FFXIV]New Gear Day!

i200 chest piece is mine!

i200 chest piece is mine!

So what with the Esoterics weekly caps, on week 1 I capped at 450, on week 2 I capped again taking me to 900, then on the 1st day of week 3 I got up to 1050, spent 990 for my i200 weapon, then eventually capped out, taking me to 360 at the end of the week.  Week 4 saw me capped again, taking me to 810 in total, and today began week 5.  I ran an expert this morning (Neverreap.  Took 23 minutes.  Good group!) and that took me to 885. I spent 825 and got my i200 chest piece, and I can still get another 375 for the week, so that will cap me out at 435.  For week 6 another 450 will take me up to 885 again, so I’ll be able to afford the leg piece on the day I cap out next week, so that’s not so very long to go.  And of course everything after that will cost less, so I should be able to start getting 1-2 items per week even with the caps.  It’ll be nice to get the complete set, eventually!

The overall look.  The white shorts from the even actually work pretty well with it.

The overall look. The white shorts from the Moonfire event actually work pretty well with it.

I also had time to run a leveling duty on the MCN.  Didn’t quite make it to 48, but got quite close.  That will happen tonight, and I’ll also run another expert tonight to get another 75 Esoterics to jumpstart the week.  I like getting 150 in a single day on Tuesdays.  I also got enough of the Centurio Seals to buy a whetstone and so my White Mage staff is upgraded to i180, so with the full gear set already in place due to me working on it with the Scholar, I’ll be all set for that whenever I get around to leveling White Mage again.  Now for the Astrologian weapon, and I’ll be done with all of the healer gear.   If I end up leveling BRD and MCN before the tanks, then I guess I’ll have to start working on that set instead.  We’ll see.  I might actually work on the Rogue and Pugilist again.  I can get them to 30 quickly enough, I think, then run the event FATEs in Costa del Sol to get them both up and free up some bag space.  Especially the ring container.  That one’s always bursting at the seams due to it being the same size as the other containers, but there are 2 rings slots to fill.  So many options. . . .

Sitting a-dragonback

Sitting a-dragonback

Anyway, I hope y’all are having a wonderful Tuesday.  Happy gaming out there!

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