[Blaugust Day 19][FFXIV] I Surprised Myself

Surprise 50!  I only expected to hit 48 last night

Surprise 50! I only expected to hit 48 last night

Due to the vagaries of the reset timers, the 2 dungeons I ran yesterday morning counted against Monday’s daily allotment, but toward the “new week” so far as the challenge log was concerned.  As a result, I was primed for any duty finder dungeon that I ran last night to fulfill the “3 dungeons with the duty finder” challenge last night, so I swapped to MCN and hit up a leveling dungeon roulette.  At 47 the highest I could get was Aurum Vale and the luck of the draw got me that dungeon.  I don’t know why people hate this zone so much.  I actually rather like it.  plus in a leveling situation it gives the maximum pre-50 xp — I was getting 4055 xp per monster killed.  I hit 48 while we were clearing trash between the 1st and 2nd bosses, then when we finished the dungeon the daily bonus and the weekly challenge completion took me to within about 30,000 xp of level 49.

Getting ready to head for the tournament of the class story

Getting ready to head for the tournament of the class story

Ooh, so close!  Even so I swapped to Summoner and did my Tuesday Expert.  This got me enough Law tomes to buy the i170 Astrologian weapon.  I then blew through the daily hunts as well as the weekly elite mark and this took me up over 300 Centurio Seals, but it’ll be tomorrow before I get to 395 to be able to upgrade that to i180.  But when I do, that will mark the end of the need to healer job set upgrades until/unless I eventually start working on Esoterics sets for them, but due to the caps, that is a LONG way off.  Anyway — got the chores (but they were fun, so can I really call them “chores?”) done and then swapped back to MCN and popped over to North Thanalan to run a FATE or 2 in order to get to 49.

Yay!  We won the tournament (becuz could it really be otherwise?)

Yay! We won the tournament (becuz could it really be otherwise?)

A group in the Party finder needed 1 more to fill up, so I grabbed that slot.  Teleported in just as they finished the “hard” boss up in the north, so I missed out on that 54,000 xp by less than a minute.  Oh well, them’s the breaks, right?  And then it was a waiting phase, so we sat in the central sanctuary waiting for something to pop.  I teleported down to the south end of the zone to see if the FATE trigger merchant NPC there was up and he was, so I triggered that and the rest of the group (and the people in the zone who were also FATE grinding) came on down and we walked between the 2 sanctuaries with him.  During his walk, 2 other FATE’s popped.  We did the 1st of them and it was one of those “kill a lot of monsters” ones and the kill XP from doing that was enough to get me to 49.  I’d planned to be done for the night then, but that other FATE was up and right there, so I ran over and did it with everyone, and then the whole zone seemed to pop and less than 40 minutes later it was ding 50!  And that was the surprise for me — I’d expected to make 48 last night was all, not 50.

Got my AE turret for use in trash fights.  It's also the mana-regen turret for fights that might need that kind of support.

Got my AE turret for use in trash fights. It’s also the mana-regen turret for fights that might need that kind of support.

I probably should have logged off for bed then, but now I had job quests to do!  MCN likes to give 2 jobs quests every 5 levels rather than a single one like the other jobs.  The 1st one is generally just talking to people and getting a new skill, then the 2nd one makes use of the new skill in a combat situation.  Level 50 was no exception.  I talked to people and got a new skill that debuffs a mob’s next attack, which will be nice to use vs “tank buster” skills in raids, I think.  And then the one that involved a bit of combat.  This one was nice in that it set you up to be in a capture-the-flag competition of sorts.  Rather than the typical “toss you in and hope you can learn to swim” approach, the quest actually took you in to the instance beforehand, showed you the flag you need to defend, then had you run over to the flag you’d need to capture, then said “we’re going to draw their forces off and then ambush their flag with a reserve force” and showed where the ambush reserve would be hiding.  Told me I’d signal them to attack when the time was right, then told me when the time would be right while showing me what I’d need to click to start the ambush.  We started the tourney and I hung around my team’s flag, killing healers as they popped and helping with the other mobs, but the npcs’s had them pretty well in hand.  Then after a time the enemy draw-off happened, so I ran up to the “hidden” signal and called in the ambush, them helped capture the flag.  Due to the quests’ prep work, it felt like we had control of the situation at all times.  This was a VERY well-done quest.  The polar opposite of the level 60 Scholar quest that seemed to be done by luck.  I hope the rest of the MCN job quests are as much fun!

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Congrats on 50!

    I’m slowly, slowly working on getting my second class from 50 to 60 via hunts and fates. I’m not quite as dedicated as you are, but it’s been nice to watch my little Paladin grow and see how much I can push him against solo hunt mobs. He really holds his own, surprisingly, with chocobo healing backup. 🙂

    • That chocobo really jumps in power when it hits 51, hat’s for sure. I’ve been doing the hunt thing on my White Mage, but even with the ‘bo it’s still pretty slow going, so lately I’ve just been FATE grinding in CWH to level instead and just blasting through the hunts with my Summoner job instead. Though I’ve actually been playing MCN lately instead of WHM, so there is that……

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