[Blaugust Day 20][FFXIV] Back to Low-level Jobs

Got home from work last night to find my daughter'd left my character like this.  Thought it made a nice screenie.

Got home from work last night to find my daughter’d left my character like this. Thought it made a nice screenie.

Well, job.  I only played the 1 last night.  Anyway — In the weekly challenges I was sitting on 4 dungeons completed and 4 commendations handed out, and there are 2 challenges to get those both to 5.  Typically a duty finder run will complete both of those simultaneously (the exception being if you get a Trial — you still can hand out the commendation but it doesn’t flip the dungeon counter in that case), so I decided that it would be a good reason to play my rogue since it’s only level 20 as of yet.  So I joined the leveling duty finder, got told it was an average 10 minute wait, and nearly 30 minutes later got the queue pop for the Tam Tara Deepcroft.

Rank 12 'Bo!

Rank 12 ‘Bo!

It’s been a while since I’ve played the rogue, but as mentioned… only level 20…. and Tam Tara level syncs you to 19, so I didn’t have many buttons to push.  Pretty much just had my DoT, and a 2-button combo with the possibility of an execute move and that was it.  And of course I know Tam Tara like the back of my hand so I knew where to stand and whatnot, so that also helps — no stress dodging stuff while re-figuring out how to play the class, ya know?  The tank was someone who mains Warrior, but he needed to get his Gladiator job up to 22 for Provoke, so he was on GLA to level it up.  Fully kitted out in the level 15 green dungeon dropped “Plundered” set.  He’d turn the mobs on initial contact, so that was very nice for me as a melee dps and not needing to reposition a lot.  He was decent with his Flashes too, but he didn’t spread out his hate and simply focused single mobs so he’d still lose aggro to the healer from time to time.  But then I’d go pick that mob up and everything was just fine.

I got to 21 from mob kills during the dungeon, and then the Duty Finder bonus and the 2 challenge log completions bumped me to about halfway to 23.  I’d already gotten the “10 unique fates” the other night on the MCN (which was part of how I got from 49 to 50 in less than an hour of FATE grinding), but I didn’t have the “5 fates in 5 different regions” one.  Bipped around the low-level zones to pick up 4 more (since I already had N. Than) and they put me just shy of 23.  I’ve had 2 GC Leve quests in my journal for a while — since the last time I was working on the low-level melee jobs, actually — so I ran those and that did it — ding 23 Rogue!

The last of the Law weapons for healer jobs is mine!

The last of the Law weapons for healer jobs is mine!

After that I did my daily hunts on my summoner. While running this I pulled out the Chocobo to get its weekly challenge log boosts also.  The 1st one was enough to get it to Rank 12, so I fed it an onion to enable it to start gaining xp toward 13 and then the 2nd log completion bumped it up over 10% already.  I bought the 5 SP healer passive and am saving the other 5 SP for the next rank so that I’ll be able to buy the 6 & 7 SP skills then.  The 30% healing boost will be very nice, methinks.  Doing the hunts also got me enough Centurio Seals to buy the whetstone for the i170 AST weapon, so it’s now up to i180 and I’ve got the Law set completed for the 3 healing jobs.  Just need to level the WHM and AST from 52 up to 60 now, it would seem.  And while I try to decide which gear set to buy with Law, I think I’ll keep running the Rogue and Pugilist up to 30 so I can unlock their jobs, and then I’ll see if I feel like doing a 50-60 job, or maybe continuing to bring the 2 melees up, or if Dark Knight trips my trigger and I start working it up from 35.  Altoholism is a wonderful thing!

Happy gaming out there!

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