[Blaugust Day 21][FFXIV] Alt-job gearing

Level 23 Rogue/Pugilist appearance

Level 23 Rogue/Pugilist appearance

I didn’t play last night, but due to my body’s weird thing about waking up at 6 most every morning (even on weekends, darnitall!) I managed to get in an Expert Roulette this morning, so I’m still on pace to cap out my Esoterics for the week in spite of having skipped the Wednesday expert run.  There are other ways of getting them that could still “catch me up” but I’m honestly not a fan of Trials or PvP (never tried PvP in FFXIV, but I don’t like it in other games so why would it be different in this one?) and the leveling roulette only gives 5 on the 1st time daily bonus, so that wouldn’t do it.  But it’s ok…. I’m on pace, so all is well.  I also got in the daily hunts, so my Centurio Seal count is climbing again.

This morning’s run was kind of odd.  The tank was a Dark Knight and he was wearing what looked to be the i160 chest piece that the dungeon drops.  I popped a quick examine on him becuz his weapon was this really cool looking giant scimitar and I wanted to see what that was, and it was the i170 Law tome weapon.  I didn’t look at his other gear becuz it was time to get to monster killing, but he only had about 14,000 HP, so his gear was “lower” than expected.  Still, he did fine, just smaller pulls — 2 pulls per room instead of the full room.  He lost AE aggro to me on trash a few times, but the healer was able to keep me up while the tank got aggro back.  No biggie.  We moved at a good pace and downed the 1st 2 bosses without any trouble.

3rd boss everything seemed ok, but as we got him down to about 20% I have no idea why but the tank went down and the boss started coming after me.  The healer didn’t pop a rez on the tank, but just started kinda running around.  The Dragoon popped the limit break on the boss which took it to 13%, but then I went down, then the Dragoon tried to tank it, but the healer took aggro and folded, then the Dragoon went down also.  We hit the rez buttons and then I heard the sound of a person joining the group.  Checked the group list and the healer’d quit and was instantly replaced by a White Mage.  2nd attempt on the boss with new healer was no problem at all.  The initial healer didn’t say anything, and the run had been going fine up until that sudden failcascade so I have no idea why he disappeared.  Just… odd.


That “play update” was longer than I expected.  Such is life — now on to the topic I put in the title.  I was browsing the /r/ffxiv subreddit yesterday and a new tank (but with a 60 WHM job) said he was having trouble tanking and linked his character sheet (for example) looking for help.  Other looked at it and said his gear was a bit low for the dungeon that was giving him trouble, especially if the other group members were sync’d down, and a suggestion was made to run that dungeon using the “unsync” option on his White Mage to farm for gear.  I’ll admit I hadn’t even thought of doing something like that and it seems like it could be a good way to gear up low-level jobs quickly.  But on the other hand….. I’ve already leveled through those levels on every job-type and I’ve kept the gear that I got on the 1st job leveling so that the jobs behind could simply re-use that gear.  It’s been pretty good overall, but now that I’m working on the rogue and pugilist again I’m seeing some kinda large level gaps in the gear I’ve got saved.  I don’t think it matters — the gear I have is all pink or green and always seems to better than anything else I can find on the market board if I look while in those gaps, but it’s also kind of frustrating when I want to have a unified look without needing to glamour, as the pieces I have tended to be either dungeon drops or from chests that sometimes spawn during leve quests, so kinda piecemeal.

I wasn’t worried about it at all, just intended to level the jobs up using the gear I have on-hand since hey, it worked for the 1st jobs that I leveled up, why wouldn’t it work for the others?  But now I’ve got this bug in my ear “you can do unsync’d runs and get full dungeon sets for them to use while they’re leveling!” and I’ll admit… it’s probably not the most efficient leveling, but… if it’s fun, who cares about efficiency if I’m not holding back a group?  I think I’m gonna do it!  Halatali unsync’d here I come!


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  1. I’ve been missing playing FFXIV. I was working on my Dragoon getting to level cap before I got side tracked with life and a new Xbox lol. This post males me want to get back at it this weekend

  2. Let us know how that works out! I’m interested in unsynced dungeon runs, I just haven’t tried any yet.

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