[Blaugust Day 22][FFXIV] Unsync’d Dungeons

Running Brayflox  un-sync'd

Running Brayflox un-sync’d

Last night I opened the Duty Finder and turned on the option not to sync levels/gear and headed in to Halatali.  I did so with my summoner job and I thought I’d at least need my tank pet for bosses, but no, everything just melted and it melted even faster when I pulled out Garuda, so I ran with that pet.  I ran that a couple of times and got a piece or 2 that my lowbie jobs could use, but then decided that it was dropping level 20 gear and the jobs are level  23, so why not move up to Toto-Rak?  Ran that 2x also and got another couple of pieces that could be used, then moved on up to Brayflox, hoping for the last couple of pieces of the Infantry set.  I instead got the last few pieces of the Cavalry set, which I don’t need, but they look nice so they’ll still be good for glamoring.  Complete runs take less than 15 minutes.

My daughter likes to finish up her own playing sessions mounted on a chocobo with it "put away" in a stable or something.  Very cute.

My daughter likes to finish up her own playing sessions mounted on a chocobo with it “put away” in a stable or something. Very cute.

On the one hand, there was absolutely no challenge to it.  You dodge most attacks and the ones that do land pretty much just tickle.  In Brayflox i could pull entire sections between boss mobs and then kill them all simultaneously.  Sure I’d be down about 40% health after doing that, but that’s a looooooong way from dead.  So on the other hand, I felt like…well… you recall that scene from Ghostbusters where the demi-god dog critter asks if they’re a god and the one guy says no?  The feeling I have while running an unsync’d dungeon (at least in that level range) is that I could answer that question with an enthusiastic “Yes, of course I am!”  Boring for lack of challenge, fun for the sheer power.  That’s un-sync’d leveling for me.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go do it some more 😉  Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Unsync is fun when you want a power trip…and revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge.

    Also, Minion battles coming in 3.1…I can just imagine how your daughter will react upon seeing that.

  2. Sounds like a good way to farm some of the TT cards and minions I don’t have. 🙂

  3. I didn’t know you could do this – dats awesome although I kind of like helping new players through these runs

  4. Im returning 2 ff and wanted 2 know how u unsync

    • When you go in to the Duty Finder there’s a little button with a gear to the right of the language settings. click on that, then check the top box for “undersized party.”

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