[Blaugust Day 23][FFXIV] Oopsie Esoterics

My daughter found the bound dragon in Azys Lla and got a pretty nice framing for the shot.

My daughter found the bound dragon in Azys Lla and got a pretty nice framing for the shot.

With running the unsync’d dungeons the other night I actually got behind on my weekly Esoterics pace and was actually due to *not* cap out.  Fortunately the daily roulette bonus is 35 but the Expert dungeon itself is still worth 40 so one can more than catch up just by running another 2 Experts, so it’s not that big a deal  It meant that I was in the Expert queue last night for quite a while though so that I could get ymself back on pace, which also then got me a ton of Law tomes and I have decided that I’ll be working on the tanking set for the Law gear next.  My 1st foray into buying that was to get the Paladin’s sword and shield combo.  All the expert runs I’ve been doing have allowed me to get a full i160 set for the tank (and all the jobs, quite frankly) so I’m not as worried about the armor sets themselves, and while I’ve also picked up the i160 weapons on those runs, it’s the most important upgrade, imo, so… there you have it — weapons 1st.

White Mage at rest

White Mage at rest

I ran a couple more unsync’d dungeons too.  Tried one as BLM instead of SMN and wow, BLM has simply become annoying to play to me now, so I feel like I definitely made the right choice in choosing to swap to SMN as my “main .”  RNGesus hasn’t been with me, though, so I’ve not gotten the specific drops that I’ve been looking for, but such is life.  In the irony dept, I ran a leveling roulette on my DRK and drew Brayflox and saw one of the pieces I want on that run, but I was tank and couldn’t need on it, while the melee dps could (and did).  Speaking of that run…. level 36 on the DRK now as a result of it.

Working the rogue level 25 quest

Working the rogue level 25 quest

I’ve also gotten the Rogue up to 27 so it won’t be long before I unlock Ninja on that one.  I’m shooting for getting that today.  And if that goes quickly I’ll swap over to the Pugilist and see how far I can go with it today too.  For part of the Rogue leveling I joined in the Costa del Sol even fates and got a bunch of tokens.  I’ve ended up buying every variant of the various swimsuits and yakatas now and I still have tokens left over and nothing to buy except the consumable fireworks which I don’t care about, so I guess I’ll just hold on to the spare currency items instead and hope that I can use it again next year.

The Astrologian's Gravity spell really has an awesome effect

The Astrologian’s Gravity spell really has an awesome effect

And finally, when doing last night’s daily hunts I didn’t feel the need to blast through them as quickly as possible this time (weekends and not feeling rushed are awesome!) so for the lower-level mobs I used both my AST and my WHM.  I didn’t level either of them, but the xp bars moved, so that’s a good thing.   I’ll eventually work on them again in earnest.  Eventually . . . .  😉

Happy gaming out there!

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