[Blaugust Day 24][FFXIV] Ninja Unlocked!

As it says -- Ninja unlocked!

As it says — Ninja unlocked!

As the title says, I got to 30 on the Rogue and unlocked Ninja.  You can also see it off to the left.  I also worked a little more on the Pugilist and got it to 25.  I plan to run some leves and the daily leveling dungeon roulette with it tonight and see if I can’t get it to 28, if not 30 to unlock Monk.  Spent some time on the Summoner doing Expert dungeons in order to cap out my Esoterics for the week prior to today so that I can use today’s daily expert bonus tomorrow morning after the cap resets but before Tuesday’s roulette reset hits.  Assuming I wake up at 6-ish tomorrow.  But I’ve done it every day for a few months now, so I expect it’ll happen again.  I even used my WHM a little to do some of the daily hunts, so its bar has moved farther toward 53 and thus 60.

Level 25 Pugilist appearance

Level 25 Pugilist appearance

I didn’t do any FATE grinding in the 50-60 level range, though — and even the Rogue I didn’t grind them so much as I did the level 25 leves in Costa del Sol and if one of the event FATEs happened to pop then it was bonus xp.  But since you can do one of the leves in literally 49 seconds and then keep re-running it over and over for about 14K xp each time, it’s a lot more efficient to do that in the 25-30 range than anything else.  It’s a well known thing to do — I’m surprised Squeenix hasn’t changed the quest.  OTOH, most leve quests only take 2-4 minutes, so having 1 outlier that can be done in 1 for a few levels isn’t that big a deal to them, I suppose.

Anyway…. I feel like I got a lot of progress done.  And I think I like PGL/MNK more than ROG/NIN.  I dunno why — it just seems to feel like it’s got a nicer flow to it, and while I’m sure things are taking about the same number of GCD’s to die, it feels like I’m killing them faster due to that nice flow-y feeling.  With that said — I still absolutely plan on leveling them both to 50 at the very least in the next little bit here, and eventually to 60.  Melee dps is still my least favorite playstyle, though, so I think I’ll be leveling Ninja, Monk, and Dragoon last.

Happy gaming out there!

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