[Blaugust Day 25][FFXIV] So close!

Half Barding on the left, Full Barding on the right.

Half Barding on the left, Full Barding on the right.

I logged in last night around 9 PM my time planning to do a leveling roulette dungeon on the Pugilist as well as the daily hunts on the Summoner, but as I logged in there was the downtime notice saying I had a little less than an hour before the game was going down.  I did the daily hunts since I didn’t want to possibly miss out on the Centurio Seals and that took me up to 485/500.  I could have spent 395 for the whetstone to upgrade the Paladin sword/shield combo, but decided to go a different route and buy the Ishgardian Full Barding for my Chocobo instead.  I’ve got the Half-Barding from that FATE in the Churning Mists, but I wanted the full thing!  The Hive Barding is pretty cool, but I wanted a bit more variety.  I’ve got the comparison shot there to the left.

This morning I ended up waking up around 5 instead of 6, darnitall.  Downtime had ended at 4 am, so the game was up and running and the Esoterics cap was reset, as were the challenge logs, so I queued for Expert Roulette to get the 1st 75 Eso for the week and I’ll do it again tonight.  Had a nice smooth run through Fractal, then swapped over to the Pugilist to see if I couldn’t get in on a dungeon for that also.  I fired up the queue and then since I’d hit 25 the other night I could take the leve quests in Costa del Sol on it, so I headed there and Out to Sea wasn’t available, so I grabbed Sol Survivors since doing that one is supposed to trigger Out to Sea to become available.  Just ran it at level 30, not 34 so that I could handle the mobs while being level 25 — they popped as 28-29.  Difficult, but doable.

Watching the fireworks from Limsa Lominsa's docks

Watching the fireworks from Limsa Lominsa’s docks

There were a number of people there running the event FATEs too.  Not so many that the FATEs scaled up, but not so few as to be unable to do them either, so it worked out nicely for a bit of bonus xp.  Out to Sea didn’t show up after running Sol Survivors the 1st time, but it did after the 2nd.  Since Out to Sea doesn’t require any combat I set that to 34 for max XP gain and was able to run it enough times to hit level 26 before the queue popped so I was able to wear my few items that were level 26 in the dungeon.  Except it was Tam-Tara Deepcroft so I was scaled to 19 anyway and it didn’t matter, but I felt better about it.  The dungeon run went well enough, but the DRK tank wasn’t terribly experienced.  How do I know?  He never stopped moving the mobs around, so I was fighting with him to be able to position myself on the mobs where I needed to be for maximum damage.

Pugilist has a little dance it needs to do, ya see.  The combo beginner wants you to be directly behind the mob.  When you are, it’s a guaranteed critical hit for that skill.  But then the next skill in the combo you want to be on the flank of the mob for a potency bonus.  And then the finisher of the combo also wants you on the flank for another potency bonus.  The 2nd combo you need to be directly behind the mob again for the guaranteed crit, but then the 2nd skill this time also wants you to be behind the mob for its potency bonus, then you move to the flank to finish out the combo on the 3rd skill.  There’s a little bit of leeway in the buff timers so you can add in your dots and dodge out and back in to avoid AE’s without losing your buffs.  But even so, you need to dance — behind flank flank behind behind flank — to get your maximum dps.  But since the tank kept moving around, I was having a really hard time getting into position.  Yes, I know… low level dungeon, doesn’t really matter, but if you get in bad habits when it doesn’t matter, then it’s hard to have good habits when it does, ya know?  So I wanna do it right each time!

Level 29 Pugilist stats and appearance

Level 29 Pugilist stats and appearance

We finished the dungeon up and the daily xp bonus took me to 27 and I was back in Costa del Sol with about 50 minutes left before I needed to go to work, so I started running the leve quests as fast as I could and hitting up the event FATEs as they popped as well and I managed to get to 29 just as it was time to log out.  This makes the plan for tonight to run a Leveling Roulette on the PGL before the daily Expert run so as to get the 3-dungeon challenge log bonus in addition to the Tuesday roulette bonus.  Between those, that should easily get me to 30 and unlock Monk!  Then only 12 more levels to go in order to unlock Mantra to finally have all the available cross-class skills. 😉

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Wooo! Go for it! 😀

  2. I am really enjoying my Monk. It’s a ton of fun keeping all the plates spinning and staying in the right spots.

    • I’m still getting used to it. The only thing I have to say I don’t like about it so far is that solo play = you stand in front of the mob and hit it. Group play = you move around to maximize dps. This means you play it 2 completely different ways. I don’t have to do that on my other classes — they play solo the same as they play in group. but such is life, right?

      • Sure, but in past MMOs, positionals REQUIRED position to use. At least here you can use everything and not worry about keeping an entirely different rotation for slapping people in the face.

      • True, it is nice that the thing at least lets you fire it off for reduced damage, so you’re not hitting the button going “why isn’t this thing working?”

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