[Blaugust Day 27] Blaugust is winding down

I’m not generally one to blog about anything other than my gaming experiences.  And I am a casual-to-midcore gamer, so I don’t play all that much and thus don’t generally have all that much to post on, and that’s why I tend to post only on Mondays during “the normal year” — I play more on weekends, so I’ve actually got gaming experiences to talk about/progress to report on Monday mornings.  As a result, I didn’t really care about Blaugust last year, nor do I really care this year either, but I enjoy Bel’s blog and he’s my FC leader in my most-played game right now, and due to actually logging in (almost) daily to get my Centurio Seal hunts and Tomes of Esoterics, I actually sorta have play-time to talk about, so I decided to participate in Blaugust this year after all.  I didn’t (and still don’t) expect to “get anything out of it.”  Even assuming I make it through the last 4 days (which I will, it’s not like it’s that hard to type a blog post for a few minutes each day) there’s no guarantee that I’ll “win” anything from his random drawing.  And even if I do win the grand prize and get 1 game off my Steam wishlist (there’s only one game on it, and I added it *after* Blaugust started for “just in case”) the game would be for my son and not for me.

I don’t expect to gain insights into my character and my stick-to-it-iveness. I already know that I stick to things until they’re done.  I find ways to make things work, even when it’s hard.  Blaugust ain’t gonna tell me anything there.  I’ll admit that I hoped for a bit more readers and thus perhaps a few more comments and discussions, but then again… I really only report on my play time and right now it’s pretty much “Logged in, did daily hunts, did daily expert roulette, almost got that new piece of gear.  Go me!” so what’s there to really discuss?  Something I actually find interesting is that my view stats are really pretty much unchanged since Blaugust began — 596 views the 1st week, 621 the 2nd week, and 626 the 3rd.  Compare this to July — week 1 593 views, week 2 562, week 3 582, and week 4 703.  and I only had 5 posts in July vs the (so far) 26 in August.  My big jump in views actually came when Elder Scrolls Online released for consoles — my most viewed posts in the past 2 months are almost all year-old ESO posts, and my most viewed post of all time is the one I did as a guide of sorts about leveling up the Enchanting skill in that game.  I know it’s gotta be out of date, so I hope it’s still useful.  My most viewed post in a single month, however came from this past February when I did a throwaway post about the FFXIV Valentine’s Day event.  I got 1532 views on that post for some reason, even though all it says is “I did the event and got a screenshot of the silly chocobo barding that it gave out.”

So anyway… that’s really why I’m participating in Blaugust — to support my FC leader’s initiative, and to hopefully increase blog traffic a bit.  I don’t know how well I’ve succeeded at the 1st simply becuz how do you measure that?  And the stats say I’m not getting any more blog traffic, so failed at the 2nd.  On the other hand, I do have 64 comments this month, where I only had 18 in all of July, so at least the participation rate is up a touch. . . .   I have added a lot of new blogs to my Feedly due to Blaugust this year — enough so that I have a hard time keeping up on all of them anymore, so it’s been nice to have more reading material.  I can’t help but wonder how much it will drop off once next Tuesday rolls around though.

So anyway… that’s Blaugust for me.  Happy gaming out there!

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  1. I’m a bit interested too in what kind of dropoff there will be after Blaugust, including for myself. I kind of like making an article a day. Glad to see your participation has gone considerably up even though view count hasn’t by much.

    • Yeah, I hadn’t realized how many more comments I was actually getting until I checked the stats today. Typically only get 6-15 per month, so this month being 64 was a huge increase.

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