[Blaugust Day 28][FFXIV][Wildstar] A little here, a little there

A Churning Mists sunrise

A Churning Mists sunrise

Back in the day I tried out Wildstar for a couple of hours during their open beta.  TL;DR of my impression of it then was “It’s ok, but a confusing mess of stats and way too visually busy, so don’t plan to pick it up.”  When the announcement went out that it was going F2P, though, I figured it might be fun to dip a toe in from time to time, maybe try a few different classes and see if anything clicks.  It’s not F2P yet, but in looking at their conversion plans something that jumped out at me was that free players or even subbed players who don’t buy a box will get 2 character slots per server (though they can buy more), but someone who bought a box gets 12.  Boxes are currently selling for $10, so the alt-oholic in me went “$1 character slots!” and yesterday I ran down to GameStop on my lunch hour and bought a box.  I haven’t installed it yet, and probably won’t until there’s a firm F2P conversion date announced, that way I’ll be “subscribed” in the 1st 30 days included with the box purchase when the switcheroo happens.  With how much FFXIV is still consuming all my gaming oxygen I don’t know how much I’ll actually play it, but it will be nice to have the option with lots of space for my alt-oholism to be satiated for if/when I ever do want a change of pace.

Fireworks over Ul'dah

Fireworks over Ul’dah

On the FFXVI front I got my daily hunts in last night as well as an Expert run.  Since the Astrologian class got buffed this past Tuesday I’ve yet to get an Expert group that hasn’t had an AST as the healer.  Last night was no exception.  Interestingly enough, in spite of the fact that the Noct stance still being considered “trash” on Reddit, the AST last night ran in Noct and didn’t have any trouble keeping us up at all.  DRK, AST, BLM, and SMN (me) in the group, and … that BLM wasn’t very good.  I didn’t pay all that much attention to him, but I only saw him drop Ley Lines 1x in the entire dungeon, and I also only saw him using Enochian 1x on a trash fight.  And things were taking a very long time to die, so even though I wasn’t parsing (since I’m already so over that) it still took a noticeably long time to get through the boss fights.  Fortunately the AST liked to toss The Balance on me and was often able to extend it so I was getting the 10% damage buff for anywhere from 45 to 85 seconds when he’d throw it on me, so I know that helped, at least a little.

The full Cavalry set

The full Cavalry set

I also got my Monk to 32 so it’s now got 5 of the 6 infantry pieces from Brayflox equipped.  I just can’t seem to get the chest piece to drop on my un-sync’d runs.  It’s getting really annoying.  Of course it wasn’t until last night that I finally got the Cavalry gloves to finish out the tank set either, but I didn’t actually care about those since they aren’t so visible, plus my DRK’s already leveled mostly out of the set.  That said, they were a slight upgrade to the DRK’s current gloves, so on that job I’ve got the 2 HQ crafted level 35 pieces that cover 4 slots, then the Cavalry gloves and belt right now.  I put the full Cavalry set on this morning and the starts are extremely similar — 2 points less STR, same VIT, 407 defense vs 417 defense, but… that 10 defense and those 2 points of STR were still enough to have me put on the level 35 gear.  I ran my Ninja job through a leveling roulette dungeon as well and between the xp and the roulette bonus made it to level 33, so there’s progress all around!  The tank had the green leaf and I actually had more HP than he did and ended up tanking a lot of the mobs, including the final boss.  I gave him a few pointers — shield lob, then flash 2x, then do the hate combo, where he’d been doing shield lob, hate combo on 1 mob, then 1 flash if he remembered, but by then the mobs would already have peeled to me and/or the healer… it was pretty funny, really.  But he was noticeably better toward the end of the dungeon and I got 2 commendations so I figure the healer and other dps were grateful that I tried to help him out a bit.

You assist this wandering minstrel during the event fate.

You assist this wandering minstrel during the event fate.

The anniversary event was kinda funny.  Started off normally enough “oh there’s a problem, go do an event FATE” for the quest, but after doing it it got a little epic.  Sort of.  I dunno how they pulled it off, but they broke the 4th wall without actually breaking the 4th wall.  It was very neatly done.  And that’s all I’m saying since I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Wait what, Wildstar for $10 at GameStop? I need to pick that up – I have very little intention of playing it, but at that price that’s good enough for the 5% that I might. Thanks for the tip!

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