[Blaugust Day 30][FFXIV] Esoteric Leg Armor is Mine!

Esoterics leg piece

Esoterics leg piece

As I said in yesterday’s post, I know myself, so I ran a 2nd expert in order to get enough Eso tomes to buy my leg piece.  Results are to the left.  The skirt’s shorter than I would like, but I really like the ribbons around the lower legs.  The reason the skirt’s so short is that the foot piece is this really fugly puffy thighboots thing that I will most definitely be glamoring to … probably the current leather sandals, frankly.   Unless I feel like buying the Thavnairian Sandals — those have a really nice look too, but they’re so very expensive.  I can afford them, but it would take almost all of my cash, so I’m not terribly keen on that purchase just yet.  But yeah — I wouldn’t let my daughter out of the house in a skirt that short, but in a computer game I can live with it.  I’m usually looking at the robe’s long green skirt from behind anyway.

I also got the Monk and Ninja to 35 last night, but I was really tired when I did so, so I’ve not yet done either job quest.  I had a bunch of level 35 gear waiting for them to hit that level, so they’re upgraded out of the Infantry set.  I still never found the Infantry Shirt piece, but but I had a level 31 green chestpiece that was just as good and when I glamored it to the Foestriker’s chest piece from the Satasha dungeon it looked like a coherent set, at least.

Today’s plan is to do 1 more expert to cap Esoterics for the week, at least do the 2 job quests at 35, and then I’m wanting to check out Shadowrun Returns: Hong Kong.  Or maybe fire up Civ5.  I’m kinda jonesing for a round of that again.  A part of me is also wanting to install Wildstar and give that another shot.  Or I could fire up… well, you get the idea.  So many options!

Happy gaming out there!

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