[Blaugust Day 31][FFXIV][SR:HK] And here we are

My Blaugust post-mortem:

Fighting under the fireworks

Fighting under the fireworks

What I’ve learned:  I *can* write every day, but I don’t want to.  I like the idea of sharing my gaming experiences with the world, but if I’m blogging at home I’d rather be playing than writing about playing.  If I’m at work there’s usually something else that I should be doing, even during lulls, so it again feels like I’d rather be doing something else.  So my old once-a-week schedule is just fine for my blogging wants.

I’ve also learned that Blaugustinians use feed readers.  As noted in last Friday’s post, my page views and visitors have been flat for August compared with July, but the number of comments has about tripled, from 18 to 64.  Of course, 5 posts prompted 18 comments in July, where 30 posts (since today hasn’t hit yet 😛 ) prompted 64, so the comments per port has dropped.  Since my style is more or less to simply report on my play experiences, I never expect a lot of comments though.  I say “I did this.”  What is there to comment about that other than something like “Cool” or “Glad you had fun?”  And who visits a site to say something like that instead of marking it read in the feed reader and moving on?

So anyway, I’ll be returning to my 1-2 posts per week schedule.  That works for me, where doing it daily doesn’t.


Ishgardian Full Barding on the left, Half Barding on the right.

Ishgardian Full Barding on the left, Half Barding on the right.

I fired up Shadowrun Returns: Hong Kong for a few hours this weekend.  Since I know it uses the combat AI developed in the Dragonfall Director’s Cut and I therefore will need a melee person to go flush the bad guys out of cover, and between reading a little about other people’s experiences and a friend telling me about it also so I know that my crew of NPC’s includes a ranged guy, a shaman, a decker, and a rigger, I decided that I would be that melee guy, so I went with a Troll and put all my karma points on creation into body, cyberware, strength, and close quarters combat.  So far it’s worked out fairly well, though I’m going to need to get some quickness and dodge trained up soon.

It’s really the same game as the 2 prior SR titles, just a new story.  And of course it’s pretty over the top.  You get a message from your foster father who you haven’t seen in 8 years asking you to go to Hong Kong and the second you get there you find yourself the subject of a terrorist manhunt and the police attack you.  And it goes downhill from there.  In all honesty, I got bored pretty quickly, so this will probably be a game I do in short spurts here and there.


Doing the Moonfire quest again

Doing the Moonfire quest again

In FFXIV, I capped out on Esoterics again, plus I did the level 35 job quests for the Monk and the Ninja.  Both were quite easy, so no big deal there at all.  I actually spent most of the weekend working on my daughter’s character.  Since she likes to play dress-up and liked the various swimsuits I’d gotten on my character in the Moonfire Faire, I took her there and ran the Out to Sea leve quest over and over while doing the event FATEs as they popped up.  I got her White Mage to 34 to unlock Stoneskin and I got her Scholar to 35 since that’s her “main job” due to her love of the fairy.  I intended to only get to 34 to unlock Eye for an Eye, but I didn’t have enough tokens to get all the swimwear yet for her, so I just kept on going.  I also started in on Thaumaturge as well since I want to get it to 26 for Swiftcast.  I only got it to level 9, but I didn’t really work on it either, pretty much just did the low-level hunt logs, a FATE or 2 as I ran across them and the level 1 and level 5 job quests for it.  I plan to use the remaining week of its run to finish getting her all the clothing from it.  I already set up various gear sets of the swimsuits that she can just click through, so it should be nice and easy for her to play with her look as she runs around in “my world” as she calls the housing zones.


And silly me I fired up Civilization 5 last night at about 9:30.  And I was in a good stopping spot at about 11:30, but wanted to do just 1 more turn…… and I went to bed at about 1:30.  Still compelling game play.  I think I’ll go grab some caffeine now.  Happy gaming out there!

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  1. “Fired up Civ 5 last night”, there was your first mistake. 🙂
    Grats on getting through Blaugust. I’ve enjoyed the first Shadowrun game, looking forward to the DLC stories. Will keep the warrior in mind though.

    • Yeah, and then I made an even bigger mistake and fired it up again last night too — at 11:30 pm. It was another 1:30 am bedtime. I think if I can get in on it early enough tonight that I’ll be able to finish up this current game. Went through a weird progression where everyone was all friendly, then 2 civs declared war on me simultaneously for no reason. I didn’t attack them at all, simply defended the 1 city that 1 attacked, then 1 surrendered and offered me a city (never even saw a unit from them, much less attacked them) to sweeten the deal. The other didn’t sue for peace until I sent an expeditionary force out and was all set to take a very large city from them. They offered me that city in their sudden quest for peace. But I said no and took it and their capital. I was ready to call it a war then, but then 2 more civs decided it was time to declare war on me, so rather than risk a backstab later I took the final 2 cities. and of course now I’m a warmonger so everyone hates me….. lol.

      • Ah! Silly civs, they want to declare war on you for no reason and then when you get a strong force you want to play with and then they want peace?… Not happening. You made me make these tanks, I want to use them now. 🙂

      • And finished the game up last night. Well… this morning, at 3 am. Compete military victory. In the new war, took out 1 civ completely and 2 of the 5 cities the other had and they cried and I was all “fine, whatever.”

        Consolidated my gains for a while, then everyone else denounced me within a turn or 2 of each other, so this time I went on the offensive. Took out the civ with the highest score after me, and this left the prior one who I’d taken 2/5 of completely encircled by me so if he wanted to do anything he was going to need to be either my best friend with permanent open borders, or at war. Since he’d already shown himself to be willing to do sudden war syndrome, I just took him out too.

        Only me and 2 other civs left and they were fighting each other, so i didn’t have to worry about them while I again consolidated my gains. The lesser of them had always been more or less friendly the whole game, but now had an outpost city that had been nestled among the other civs and was now encircled by me. He didn’t give it to me when I demanded, so I declared war and took it. Then I took his 2 remaining cites (the other npc civ had taken his other 3) including his capital and now he was gone.

        Was able to buy the other 2 cities on that same island from the final civ in a single deal, then declared war so as to not gimp myself all that gold and resources per turn and finished off the last NPC. He had technological parity with me so it wasn’t a cakewalk, but I had the whole world and could simply overwhelm him, so I did. I own the world!!!

        I am dragging sooooooooo bad today though. That little summary there represented 5 hours of game play. And I’m done with Civ5 again for a while.

      • Nice. At least you have that accomplished and out of the way. Too bad ‘world domination’ doesn’t look good on a resume. 🙂

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