[FFXIV] Post-Blaugust Post

Esoterics glove piece is this nice sleeve

Esoterics glove piece is this nice sleeve

I got used to posting every day during Blaugust — last Tuesday morning I was all set to do a post when I remembered “oh yeah, that’s done.”  So I didn’t post, even though I could have.  But then the rest of the week I didn’t even think about it, so it’s very easy to fall off the bandwagon.  Something I’ve noticed when I was posting every day is that I told more granular “this happened during this dungeon” or “this FATE group was pretty cool” or things like that, while when posting only once a week it’s more like “Got another Esoterics piece.”  See it to the left there?  I like the asymmetric sleeve design.

Level 54 healer gear

Level 54 healer gear

Alternately, I’ll talk about how high I leveled alt-jobs, whether I worked on my daughter’s character (not this week).  Kinda dry, really.  Plus what’s to draw a reader in to comment about that?  And yet… I find myself to be an analytical thinker, I don’t feel particularly creative, plus games are merely pastimes for me, so I don’t really care to delve into the meta-gaming or look into the philosophy of games or anything like that either.  Which really only leaves me play reports.  Such is life, no?

I did a lot of FATE grinding over the weekend on my AST and WHM jobs.  Got them both to level 55.  Getting to level 54 and getting the more powerful single-target spell for each made a huge difference for soloing.  My white mage was able to easily complete all the daily hunts — even the ones vs level 59 mobs — with the new spell.  Going from ~680 per cast to ~950 per cast really adds up quickly.  Not bad for a 40 potency increase, is it?  It’s not quite as dramatic as the 90 potency increase on the Scholar (which still only takes Broil to 170 vs 210 for the WHM and 200 for the AST), but the the Scholar’s got all those other higher-power dots to boot so it still feels like it’s doing more damage overall even so.

My 1st glimpse of "the flying coffin" that will be the new 24-man raid zone

My 1st glimpse of “the flying coffin” that will be the new 24-man raid zone

I also found it interesting that doing FATEs in Dravanian Hinterlands was giving me about 32-36K xp per FATE when “being carried” (except as a healer, I was making the FATEs possible and healing rather a lot) but dropping back a zone to be “level appropriate” in Churning Mists I was getting 42-45K xp per FATE so it actually went faster to go lower.  Guess it must be some anti-powerleveling code or something.

Anyway… happy gaming out there!

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