[FFXIV] My 1st Heavensward Healing Experience

I liked the lighting in Idyllshire, so took this portrait

I liked the lighting in Idyllshire, so took this portrait

Would you believe that even though I’ve got a level 60 Scholar with i179 gear average that I’ve never healed a dungeon higher than Stone Vigil before this weekend?  I mean sure, when I was leveling my White Mage I went into Dzemael’s Darkhold, but other than the initial shot of Regen on the tank, I spent my whole time spamming Holy, and we never actually did the dungeon.  But I’ve never healed a hard mode at 50, nor have I hit up the leveling roulette on a healer job precisely *because* I didn’t really want to take the risk of getting a Heavensward dungeon.  Healing looked hard to me when I was watching from a dps perspective, so I just didn’t want to do it.  But we had a guildie who wanted to run the Great Gubal Library for xp to push to 60 on his Dark Knight.  For the 1st run another FC member offered to heal, so I joined as dps on my summoner.  Yeah, level 60 with i189 gear who routinely rips aggro in expert roulettes from tanks with i180+ scores was going in to a dungeon with a level 59 tank who was probably about i140 since that’s all the game lets you get up to by then.

My 1st

My 1st “3-fer” for the daily hunts

But he tanked like a champ.  I think I only actually pulled aggro 2 or 3 times and even then not on the entire trash pack.  And ok, I might have been holding back just a smidgen, but not a whole lot.  I was very impressed.  But that run wasn’t quite enough to get him to 60 and the healer dropped out.  I offered to swap to my Scholar and heal a 2nd run.  He said it was okay and I didn’t need to becuz he knew I didn’t “get” anything out of it, but I was happy to take a break from the FATE grinding I was doing on my WHM and AST jobs (both are now level 57, thanks for asking), and I was actually getting some decent level 59 healer drops which would be nice for the other 2 jobs to use just before hitting 60 when they’ll both instantly jump from about i140 to i179 in a heartbeat.  But anyway…… I swapped to Scholar and away we went — instant queue, of course since we just needed 2 dps.

Skeletons in the fog

Skeletons in the fog

And I learned that when you overgear a dungeon by about 40 ilevels and have a fairy putting out pretty decent heal throughput all on its own that Scholar healing is still pretty easy 😉  Oddly enough, I spent more time in Cleric Stance doing dps vs the boss mobs than I could on trash packs.  Trash packs are doing damage the whole time so I had to heal through them until at least 1 mob died before I felt comfortable dancing to Cleric and tossing out a few dots and Broils (which hit for over 1200 at my gear level, meaning on the other healers they’ll do even more since Broil is 170 potency vs 200 for Malefic 2 and 210 for Stone 3 — that will be nice!), but bosses tend to have harder yet slower hits, so there’s more time to get the dots up in between those bigger hits.  I think I spent about 90% of the 1st and 3rd boss fights in CS, and maybe about half and half on the 2nd boss.  It went quite well.

Cool lighting again -- this time a shot of Anyx Trine

Cool lighting again — this time a shot of Anyx Trine

Add in that in a lot of my FATE grinding this weekend I was the only healer in a full group of 8 and the tank(s) would just be in dps mode and not toss any AE’s and so the dps would be taking hits and I’d usually have 2-3 mobs on me at any given time and still be keeping everyone (and myself) up, and my confidence as a healer has gone up quite a bit, so perhaps this week I’ll actually toss in a few leveling roulettes to break up the FATE grind.  We shall see, anyway.

Hinterlands FATEs scaled up and were taking a long time, so our group moved to Azys Lla instead

Hinterlands FATEs scaled up and were taking a long time, so our group moved to Azys Lla instead

Happy gaming out there!

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