[Wildstar] Wildstar 2nd Impressions

Yes, this game again

Yes, this game again

Given how the weekly Esoterics cap works in FFXIV and how I pull the Monday daily run into Tuesday and am therefore “done” with FFXIV after 5 days, this leaves 2 evenings to do a quick run through the daily hunts (gotta get those Centurio Seals, after all) which takes about a half hour, but then I can do other things.  A few weeks back I did some games of Civ5, and I’ve been thinking about doing the new Shadowrun Returns: Hong Kong, or maybe even going back to Pillars of Eternity to finally finish up the 3rd act, but with Wildstar going F2P soon and my buying the box for a mere $10 a couple of weeks back so that I can be “subscribed” when the F2P conversion goes through in order to have the 12 character slots instead of only 2… I finally pulled the trigger and put in the serial number last night to activate my account and give it another go.  Here’s the link to my 1st impression of the game, in case you need a refresher.

My new Human Spellslinger.  Looks ok, I think.

My new Human Spellslinger. Looks ok, I think.

I went Exile faction this time.  The races for this faction are Human, Shorter Human with a Tail and Big Rabbit Ears (Aurin), Big Human with Rocklike Skin (Granok), and Human with Pointy Ears and Diseased Skin (Mordesh).  I tend to not really like to play pure humans, but I also am not fond of rabbits, rocks, or disease, so… human it was.  Character creation seemed to have a few more options than the 1st time.  Where I only recall 3 body types before that were all grotesquely proportioned, there were now about 10 or 12 and none of them was awful.  Face options weren’t all that great, but I could make something that wasn’t completely unpleasant to look at.  And I went Spellslinger for the class instead of Engineer to see if I liked it better than my last try at the game.

Got my hoverboard

Got my hoverboard

The Exile starting ship was a little less visually busy than the Dominion one.  It was quite straightforward and very very easy — as in sneeze in the general direction of the mobs and they fall over dead type of easy.  Of course you get no XP for kills in the tutorial zone either, so there’s no point to killing anything unless your quest calls for it.  Ran through all that and got to level 3 or 4, I don’t recall which and then got told “head to the planet.”  I actually read the quest text a little and saw that the 2 options for where to go next are defined by race, though you still have the option to go to the “other one” if you want.  Even after going to the planet there’s a portal you can use to swap if you desire.  I stayed where I was, did all the quests I could find, and finished that tutorial zone … well, I thought it was fairly quickly, but it turned out it was 1 am when I was finishing up.  I’d started playing at about 9:45, so it was over 3 hours and gone in an eyeblink, so… I guess it was a lot more fun for me this time.  I’m level 7, have a hoverboard mount, and while mobs no longer die if I sneeze in their direction, the Spellslinger has some nice DPS options so things are still falling over quickly.  But now that I’m out of the tutorial and into the game proper we’ll see if that holds up.

Finishing the 1st area

Finishing the 1st area

I still have no idea what the stats do, and from the little things I’ve read here and there they’re going to be completely overhauled when the F2P conversion happens anyway, so I’m not worried about them at all this time.  Maybe in a few weeks. . . .

Happy gaming out there!

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