[FFXIV] Ding 60 White Mage!

Level 60 White Mage!

Level 60 White Mage!

It took a lot of FATE grinding in the Dravanian Hinterlands and Azys Lla, as well as 2 runs through the Great Gubal Library (6.5-8K xp per mob works out to a little over 500K per run, so that’s also fast XP), I finally made it to 60 “for real” as a healer.  I don’t count Scholar since I leveled it as a Summoner.  Healing the Library at level 59 didn’t really seem to be much different than healing it at 60 and overgeared.  On the 1st run, anyway.  That group had a 60 tank and a 60 dps, so the run went really quickly and smoothly.  2nd group was the level 59 tank’s 1st time there so I explained the fights for him.  The 2 dps players had been there before and knew what to do, but they were not very good so the fights took forever.  The Black Mage never popped Enochian.  Sure it’s only a 5% buff, but that’s still 5% . . . .   Still and all, we managed to complete successfully, and the only death was during the 1st boss fight when the tank didn’t get out of the way of the insta-kill.  I was still able to rez mid-combat and we successfully completed, so it was all good.  And the xp was perfect — we killed the final boss and I dinged 60 from the kill xp on it.

A zombie dragon!

A zombie dragon!

The level 60 class quest was very easy when in i179 gear.  Essentially you have to kill a mob, then after it’s dead heal it back to full, then kill it again, then heal it again.  Was kinda funny.    NPC tanked it, so just spammed Stone III for the kill, then turning on Divine Seal for the 30% heal boost made healing it up and ignoring the little adds that try to kill you to stop you from healing it worked out well.  And now I have a 2nd “oh snap!” heal on the WHM to boot.

Yet another Esoterics piece is mine!

Yet another Esoterics piece is mine!

I also capped Esoterics and bought the head piece of that set.  I’ve got 45 tokens remaining, so capping next week will take me to 495 which is exactly the amount I will need to buy the foot piece and I’ll finally be done with the left side and will then just need to fill in the jewelry.  That costs 375 per piece, so 4 weeks will be enough to buy the 5 pieces I still need.  And the jewelry (and belt) can also be shared with the Black Mage, so that will be a nice bump to that job’s gear level even without upgrading the weapon and left-side armor.

The level 58 Astrologian weapon is really quite ornate

The level 58 Astrologian weapon is really quite ornate

I’ve also got the Astrologian to 58 and plan to spend today working the FATEs and after hitting 59 probably running the Library a time or 3.  Maybe more.  FATE grinding is getting really old, after all, and as a healer I get nearly instant dungeon pops, so that might even be a more efficient way to level anyway.  We shall see how I feel when the time comes.

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