[FFXIV] It’s already a cliche

Standard Stance

Standard Stance

Yes, I know.  Thavnairian Bustier dyed white is already a cliche for a healer glamour at 60.  But there’s a reason for that — it looks nice.

I resolved my “dilemma” of the other day in my own mind and am working on the tanking classes.  I’ve got the Paladin to 51 now and plan to start simply running Dusk Vigil on it to get the i120 gear drops from there.  I’m already in the i110 Noct gear from the old Tomes of Soldiery and have discovered that I can easily kill a level 56 hunt mark, and can with difficulty kill a level 57 one (at level 50 — haven’t tried yet at 51 since I got that level at the end of the evening and then logged out).  I even happened to have 3 pieces of the Dusk Vigil’s tanking set on hand picked up randomly in prior runs as I was leveling up my Disciple of Magic jobs, so my gear level went from 111 to 115 when I leveled up.  One of those 3 pieces is the weapon so it went from 110 to 120 for a nice little jump in damage too, so hopefully that will help in keeping aggro on future dungeon runs.

Alt Stance

Alt Stance

To get to 51 I joined a leveling roulette and I got Dzemael’s Darkhold.  I’ve barely done this dungeon at all, and never tanked it before, so while I didn’t have any trouble holding aggro, I also didn’t know the best places to pull the trash to avoid patrolling adds, so some of the fights got pretty interesting.  It also didn’t help that our group’s damage-dealers were a fair-to-poor Black Mage and a lolDRG that couldn’t fight its way out of a paper bag.  Trash took forever to kill, and I despaired of the boss mobs going down at times, so when we got to the final boss and the DRG was all “Burn boss?” when it’s not even burnable (I remember that much, at least) since it goes invulnerable while its adds are up. . .  We had 1 death on the final boss.  The BLM went down somehow when he wasn’t even focused by the mob, so I don’t know how, but the healer was able to rez him and we did a successful run.  Never any wipes.  Even so, it took nearly 50 minutes to run due to how bad the dps was 😦  Still and all, the dungeon completion dinged me to 51, so it was all good.

Since my DRK’s still down below 50, though I popped a couple of dungeons on that job over the last couple of days too.  It’s now well into level 37, up from barely 36, and I’ve already got 4 dungeons under my belt for the current week’s challenge log, so tonight I’ll run another and get the bonus xp for completing the 5 dungeons and 5 commendations, so hopefully 38’s in the cards from a single run tonight.  From there I’ll see about either FATE grinding in CCH and NThan or doing lots of dungeons, or maybe even both.  And of course I need to get the Warrior to 51 now also. . . .

Happy gaming out there!

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