[FFXIV] Working the Tanks

Level 50 DRK Job Quest Complete!

Level 50 DRK Job Quest Complete!

This past weekend the circus was in town, so I spent most of Friday with the family there.  And then this weekend was http://www.saltlakecomiccon.com so of course I was there too.  Even so, I still got in some good gaming sessions and as a result, my Dark Knight is now level 50, my Warrior is level 52, and my Paladin is also level 52.  Given that tanks more or less instant-pop on the queue and it only takes 3 dungeon runs for a level currently, getting from 51 to 52 was very quick for the PLD and WAR.  For the DRK I just did the daily leveling roulette and then a lot of FATE grinding in NThan.  It went quickly enough that I don’t think running Aurum Vale would have been any quicker, so I just stuck with that until I hit 50.

Level 44 DRK Appearance -- full "Sentinel" armor set.

Level 44 DRK Appearance — full “Sentinel” armor set.

Now that I’m into a regular week I’ll probably do leveling roulette and what I can of the daily hunts to get 51, then 3 quick Dusk Vigil runs should pop me to 52, and then I’ll begin the full process of leveling the tanks simultaneously.  I know it will slow down a bit, but even level 59-60 only needs 6 or 7 runs of the Library, so I think it’s going to feel quite quick to level the tanks.  Plus I might get some nice dungeon drops, so that will be a nice bonus this time.  I’ve already got the full set of Law gear ready for level 60 so when they get there I’ll in theory be instantly ready to tank anything up to and including Alexander.  That said, I haven’t ever gone into Alex even as a dps yet, so I don’t think I’d want to tank it without at least knowing the fights a little bit beforehand.

What exactly and I sitting on here?  Gotta love video game geometries!

What exactly and I sitting on here? Gotta love video game geometries!

Something kinda surprising to me is that with all the tanking I have been doing lately to work on leveling these jobs is that I’m liking the Paladin the most.  Maybe it’s becuz I’m still getting used to tanking again, but it really seems like the Pally’s “boring” rotation just plain works out the best for me since I don’t have to worry “am I playing optimally?” on it like I do with WAR or DRK.  WAR there’s always trying to weave in Maim for the damage boost (since more damage done = more aggro generated) and there’s the mana pool management that the DRK has in order to keep Darkside up and running that can be a little overwhelming at times too.  I’m kinda thinking that I may just take Palading to 60 1st in order to better familiarize myself with how the dungeons play out as a tank, and then worry about leveling up WAR and DRK later.  We’ll see.

Full Esoterics Appreance

Full Esoterics Appreance

I got my last “left side” piece of Esoterics gear for my Summoner.  Took the screenie you see here of it, then promptly glamored it to look like the leather sandals and re-dyed them white again.  Those poofy thigh boots are not my cuppa tea.

Happy Gaming out there!

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