[FFXIV] Tanks and Alexander Normal

Level 54 Warrior appearance.  And PLD and DRK too, just different weapons...

Level 54 Warrior appearance. And PLD and DRK too, just different weapons…

I was out of town on my typical posting day last week and just didn’t feel like “catching up” so….. now I catch up instead.  I took my laptop that’s FFXIV-capable with me, and I was able to at least do my daily expert and usually my daily hunts to boot.  Since your equipment sets are client-side, though, I only had my Summoner’s setup made from the last time I’d used this laptop for FFXIV back in July.  I re-created my Warrior setup so that I could get XP from the daily hunts when using it, at least.  This worked well except at the 1 hotel where… internet worked, the FFXIV launcher worked, it launched the game, but then wouldn’t connect to the data center to allow me to select and load into my character.  Fortunately this was on Monday so I was already Esoteric-capped for the week, so it didn’t matter so far as gear progression was concerned.

Collective Unconscious makes for REALLY nice screenshots.  too bad it's not really worht using except so as to apply a HoT and then cancel out of it.

Collective Unconscious makes for REALLY nice screenshots. Too bad it’s not really worth using except so as to apply a HoT and then cancel out of it.

Anyway…. since I’ve still logged in at least 6 days a week, I’ve kept up the pace for capping Esoterics and tomorrow with the new week I’ll buy my final “caster” i200 piece, and then I guess begin working on healer gear since I’ve only got caster and healers to 60 as of yet.  But!  The tanks are coming up too.  I’ve got all 3 tank classes to 54 now with the warrior actually getting there 1st due to all the hunting it got in that past week.  The Paladin and Dark Knight got in several dungeon runs also in order to get them to that level.  DRK now has a gap closer, which will be nice for those mobs that like to drop aggro and run around.  Fell Cleave looks like it will be fun.  500 Potency?  Very nice!  And Paladin got a decent-sized attack with a strong DoT on it to combo with Riot Blade, so that will help in the dps department while soloing at the very least.  All around, very nice to get to 54 on all of them.

About to fight The Oppressor in "A1N"

About to fight The Oppressor in “A1N”

And I finally bit the bullet and ran Alexander Normal last night.  I did all 4 floors in rapid succession and I think I had to wait 10 minutes for 1 queue, but the other 3 all popped in about 3, so it seems a popular place.  Completing the 5 quests for it enabled me to get the “bolt” to trade in to get the i190 ring for my caster, so I’m now rocking everything as i200 except the bracelets at 180 and the ring at 190.  Average gear level 197.  Seems nice!  Since I have no need for any other caster gear, though, I picked up the i190 healer belt to replace my i180 one.  The fights were fun, and quite quick, so it was a nice way to spend the evening last night.  And with my gear level I should be able to do Savage runs too, though I’d need to look in Party Finder for them or spam the shout channels.  I’m not really sure I care to do that for a while yet, but on the other hand if I want to get i210 gear. . . .  Not that I need it if I’m not actually running Savage.

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Grats on the Alex clear! I’m still working on leveling my baby warrior. He’s almost level 25. Would be leveling him right now if the servers weren’t going down. Darn it. XD

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