[FFXIV] Waiting for 3.1

Still another of my daughter's interesting screenshots

Still another of my daughter’s interesting screenshots

I’m still doing my daily expert dungeon for Esoteric tomes.  I’ve been grabbing the healer set jewelry for 375 tomes since that pushes up the ilvl average for 3 classes simultaneously.  Once 3.1 hits then the Alexander Normal loot drops will change from 1 per week to unrestricted, so when that happens I’ll probably be willing to run that more often in an effort to get the i190 gear for the left side of the character sheet.  Until then, though… the slow and steady Eso grind is there to keep me logging in.

This would be kinda kewl if it were an actual barding

This would be kinda kewl if it were an actual barding

In other news, I’m still working on leveling the 3 tank classes simultaneously.  I’ve tanked all the HW dungeons with each class at least once, so I’m getting familiar with how they each play differently in the dungeons, not just solo out in the world.  Current status is that Warrior is about 55.25, and Paladin and Dark Knight are both just barely 56.  I’m now focused on the warrior to get it to level 56 so I can ditch the level 54 gear out of my bags.  I’ve been picking up a lot of Archer/Machinist gear on my dungeon runs for some reason, but not so much tank gear.  Which is fine, since the HQ gear I picked up from the MSQ back in the day is actually slightly better than the dungeon gear anyway.  It’d still be nice to be able to upgrade more of the jewelry, though.  Such is life, no?

Happy gaming out there!

The level 56 helmet has a visor you can lift.  i like how it looks when not in a dungeon

The level 56 helmet has a visor you can lift. i like how it looks when not in a dungeon

Paladin level 56 skill

Paladin level 56 skill

Level 56 Dark Knight

Level 56 Dark Knight

Orthodox Barding

Orthodox Barding


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  1. That orthodox barding is FABULOUS! Grats on the tank levels! I’m not yet to HW so I can’t comment on DRK, but WAR and GLA have felt very similar to me, so far. In fact, GLA feels much squishier with less threat-generation than WAR. Don’t know if that’s the case end-game, though. Also, their rotations seem SO much alike. They’re barely a different class at level 35ish. :\

    • The differences are subtle, even up past 50, but they’re definitely there. Warrior is definitely “easier” to hold threat with pre-40 than the GLA/PLD but the Paladin still works just fine. DRK, I actually tanked Stone Vigil at 41 and forgot to turn on my threat-boosting stance for the first few pulls and still had no trouble holding aggro.

      Biggest things I notice that are different are:

      Warrior can pop a lot of AE threat early on with Overpower, then use that “cushion” to weave in Maim for the 20% damage boost and then it’s the “1,2 ,3” aggro combo which for the warrior is actually also its dps combo….. Once you’ve established threat, since Defiance doesn’t actually grant any mitigation you can shut it off to get rid of the 25% damage penalty for the stance too, if you want. Post-50 you can swap to the Deliverance dps stance, even, and that’s considered the height of “good warrior tanking” especially in the Alexander raids. One time I was parsing a run (a rare event, but I still do it from time to time to see how I’m doing) and the warrior tank had 945 dps vs a boss — higher than even me. It was pretty impressive.

      Paladin is pretty much just “Shield Lob, Flash, Circle of Scorn, Flash, aggro combo” with the use of defensive cooldowns to make it easier on the healer. It’s very straightforward. Post-50 you get a dps skill that combos off of Riot Blade, so it’s nice to weave that in since it’s a DoT.

      DRK is a bit of a mix. It can burn a lot of mana to add a lot of damage, especially using Dark Arts to boost other skills, but once it’s out of mana, it loses all AE capabilities and its 15% damage boost, so there’s a definite balancing act between using your mana regen abilities and not overdoing your mana-using abilities, especially since Darkside (a 15% damage boost) is always slowly draining your mana anyway. Like the warrior, it can do a lot of AE aggro early, though, so you get some cushion wherein you can use your manage-regen attack too, so… it’s fun, though with large pulls it can get a little hectic.

      Still and all… at their base, they’re all very much “hit AE aggro 2-3 times, hit defensive cooldowns as needed, and hit 1, 2, 3. . . . . “

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