[FFXIV][TSW] New dungeons

Mapping out the Arboretum

Mapping out the Arboretum

I finally got around to going into and completing the Arboretum and Pharos Sirius (Hard) dungeons, so now I’ve got the new expert roulette unlocked.  As predicted, this roulette gives 75 Eso’s for a single daily completion, so do this plus the “Level 60” roulette and you’ve got 125 Eso’s in a single day, so you can do that for 3 days, then a single Expert on day 4 and be capped out for the week.  Assuming one is worried about doing Eso gearing for more than their main job, anyway.  As it is, Alexander normal gives out i190 gear and is now uncapped, and the new dungeons give out i185 gear and are also uncapped, so if one runs them often enough, even the law tomes won’t really be needed for anything anymore since upgraded law gear is only i180, meaning that the “level 60” roulette will likely be largely abandoned anymore, but also that anyone interested in gearing up alts will more likely just do repeated Alex runs now also, since an Alex run is very short compared to a full dungeon run.  Odd that the 2 new dungeons are “obsolete” for a gear grinder the same day that they’re released.

Mapping out Pharos Sirius (Hard)

Mapping out Pharos Sirius (Hard)

That said, they’re quite fun.  More challenging than Neverreap and Fractal Continuum, but not onerously so.  Honestly, I expected them to be a little harder than they actually are, though that might be a function of the DF groups I’ve had being in largely all Esoteric gear, so we’re arguably overgeared for it already too.  Even so, I plan to get into a pattern of at least doing an Expert run per night with the 2 new dungeons, just as I used to do with the old.  I’m less worried about getting Eso gear for alternate jobs anymore, but it’ll be nice to still have a long-term goal, else I might realize that it’s just a game and it doesn’t matter if I log in each day and then I might stop logging in as much and next thing you know I’ll have picked up a different hobby and then where would I be? (Yes, that last was facetiousness, in case you couldn’t tell, becuz we all know how things don’t come across in text, right?)

Thavnairian set as complete as I care to get it

Thavnairian set as complete as I care to get it

In other news, I finally saved up enough gil to get the last piece of the Thavnairian set that I wanted for my healer’s glamour, so… there it is in the screenie.

Level 58 DRK appearance

Level 58 DRK appearance

Beyond that, I’m still working on my tanks.  My leveling roulette runs since 3.1 have been either Dusk Vigil or The Vault, so the xp’s been really good on them, plus with doing the Vanu Vanu tribe quests plus the daily hunts, the xp’s flowing nicely.  DRK is now 58, with WAR and PLD still 57, but on their way up also.

My "gift" in TSW for buying The Park

My “gift” in TSW for buying The Park

I also did a touch of TSW this past Friday.  Some FC members from FFXIV also play TSW and they mentioned wanting to run the Halloween quests and/or do the Hell Raised (normal) dungeon (they’re all QL5-ish, just barely got to Blue Mountain in the story), so I offered to escort them since I’m QL10.2-ish.  We got on together and they decided they wanted to do the dungeon.  I offered to tank since that would probably have my over-gearing of that dungeon minimized, but one of them wanted to tank, so I went with my pistol/shotgun dps build and…. I held back, but still pretty much ended up tanking everything anyway.  Our healer was good and I only died 2x in all of that, though, in spite of not having any tanking talismans and only 2300 HP for the run.  ‘Twas a fun evening.  And I’ve started the current year’s Samhain quest, but am only in phase 3, so with it ending tomorrow I really ought to hop in and finish that up tonight, hadn’t I?

Happy gaming out there!

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