[FFXIV] Paladin is now 58

Level 58 Paladin Appearance

Level 58 Paladin Appearance

Go me!

I had an interesting experience in The Vault yesterday.  Got it as my leveling roulette.  Me as Paladin (though flying my “Grandmaster of Magic” title), a White Mage, and 2 Dragoons.  We went through, I made sure to cycle through my cooldowns, held the mobs still for the melees to be able to get their positionals, etc.  I lost 1 mob in the 1st pull to “DRG1” becuz he targeted a different mob than my initial target, and by the time I cycled through to it for the hate combo, he’d pulled it, but I got it back, he didn’t die, no biggie.  We took out the 1st boss with no muss and no fuss.

The room with the 2 big knights that toss out telegraphs and the “Dark Nebula” AE, I was so focused on making sure I was avoiding the telegraphs and stunning the Dark Nebula that I got tunnel vision on 1 mob and lost the 2nd.  I got it back, but too late, and DRG1 went down.  After the fight I said “Sorry about that, got tunnel vision” and he said he’d actually deliberately not avoided the telegraph on it becuz he’d wanted to see how bad it hit him, and so I shouldn’t worry about it.  Ok fine, and on we moved.

Killed the 2nd boss, killed the 3rd and completed the dungeon, and I lost no aggro the whole rest of the time, nor were there anymore deaths.  But, after we downed the 3rd boss, DRG1 said “Hey Gotter — Stick to mage stuff, you’re a terrible tank” and then exited the instance immediately so I didn’t get to ask him what he meant or how I could improve.  The healer and DRG2 both immediately said “Wow, what a jerk!” and both assured me I’d been just fine.  Healer said that with my CD rotations he “didn’t have to heal [me] too much” and DRG2 said he appreciated my holding the mobs steady so he could use his positionals easily.  Both of them gave me a commendation when we exited the dungeon.

Vanu Vanu quests  are proceeding nicely!

Vanu Vanu quests are proceeding nicely!

I looked up DRG1 on the Lodestone, and he’s on a different server than I am.  I’d love to contact him somehow to ask what he thought I was doing wrong, becuz so far as I know, other than perhaps a lack of stance-dancing (which is only considered by the reddit community to be necessary/desirable in end-game/raid content, not leveling dungeons like The Vault), I thought I did everything right, as did the other 2 members of the party, so I’m not offended, but am genuinely curious as to why he thinks I’m so bad?  Does anyone reading this know if it’s possible to contact a player on a different server via the Lodestone?  I didn’t see an option to send a message in there, and I only have the character name, not his forum handle, so I don’t know how I’d send a private message in the forums either.

Anyway… the run was successful, and between it and the Vanu Vanu dailies, plus the daily hunts I was at about 57.85% of the level, and this morning I ran another leveling roulette (Haukke Manor this time) and the dungeon completion gave me over 700K XP and easily bumped me to level 58.  Time to start working on the Warrior again……

Happy Gaming out there!


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  1. The way I know you and your approach to games (learn the mechanics, try to optimize), I find it hard to imagine what would have warranted such a comment. I assume the guy was just the kind of person who like to make downputting remarks? Those exist in FFXIV too, I’m sure, even though most people praise the game’s community. There are always some black sheep…

    • Yeah, there are always bad apples, but … considering the run went well and he’d even been nice about it when I legitimately had screwed up earlier in the run…. it was just surprising to have him toss an insult and then exit before any response could be made, especially since it’d been a successful run.

  2. It sounds like you were mindful of all the things I’d look for in a tank as a dragoon. I don’t know why he said what he said, but if the run went smooth, it does sound pretty jerky.

    • I’m working the warrior to 58 now (just got it tonight!) and keep getting the Aery for his leveling runs. Again…. seems to be going smoothly and I’m getting commendations, so I must be doing ok.

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