[FFXIV] Warrior is now 58 too

Level 58 Warrior appearance

Level 58 Warrior appearance, and just after I’d picked up the level 55 axe in Aery too.  I may just glamour it on, as I’m not really feeling this “bill” weapon.

2 more levels for each tank and then it’ll be time to move on to MCH and BRD!

In Patch 3.1 they said they were adjusting the XP rewards of the leveling dungeons.  They weren’t kidding.  Haukke Manor the other day netted me about 800,000 XP, and my 2 Aery runs with the warrior since the other day were worth over a million XP each.  Add in the 500K for the daily Vanu Vanu tribe quests, and about 450K for the daily hunts and that 2.9 Million XP needed to go from 57 to 58 went by in a real hurry — only took 2 days of casual play for the level.

An aurora in Coerthas Western Highlands

An aurora in Coerthas Western Highlands that was pretty enough to make me rech for the screenshot key

Hopefully this also means that MCH and BRD will be quick to level up once I start in on them.

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  1. Congrats! I’m also enjoying the boost in experience. Got my paladin to 55 last night after having been stalled at 53 for months.

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