[FFXIV] Apathy for Esoterics

Working Sahagin Beast Tribe quests

Working Sahagin Beast Tribe quests

Ever since Esoterics were introduced, I’ve capped them out religiously.  Until 3.1 dropped a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve gotten a few here and there since, but really just haven’t bothered, focusing instead on the daily hunt logs, Vanu Vanu quests and the leveling roulette.  Part of it is due to what I said before, with the gear drops from Alex Normal and the 2 new experts being quite good and uncapped so they can get me to “good enough” pretty quickly,  but I thing that the biggest part of it is that the left side pieces are class-specific, and since I’m so bad with alt-itis, I just don’t have any idea which class I’d want to start “Eso-ing up” so I’m experiencing a bit of decision paralysis.  And that’s why lately with the Eso’s I have been getting I’ve been buying the right-side pieces instead, since they’re good for several jobs simultaneously, which helps more for the alt-itis, but they aren’t as important, so I’ve just stopped caring instead.  I’ve already got my main job completely geared out in Eso stuff, so the rest just doesn’t matter as much.

I glamoured the level 55 dungeon drop onto the level 58 crafted one.  It just felt beefier.

I glamoured the level 55 dungeon drop onto the level 58 crafted one. It just felt beefier.

I had planned to also run the Void Ark this weekend, but IRL conspired against me.  I had a wonderful afternoon with my daughter on Saturday, though, and Sunday afternoon my wife and I were doing a marathon run through the new Jessica Jones series on Netflix which went until it was late enough that I fell asleep during an episode that I’ll need to re-watch sometime this week and then we’ll finish the series this coming weekend, most likely.  But yeah… meant for less play time.  I still managed to get my Warrior job to 59, and the DRK’s well on its way there and will probably make it there tonight, or tomorrow for sure, so even while it still always feels like there’s more to do… I also feel like I’m “getting there.”

I also put the level 55 ax look  on for the warrior.  I just didn't like that level 58 appearance at all.

I also put the level 55 ax look on for the warrior. I just didn’t like that level 58 appearance at all.

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Yep, in the same boat. I haven’t worked on Eso as much as you, but I’ve done a lot more than I used to do in the way of Tome grinding. I have a number of larger pieces for my Dragoon, and I might get a few more eventually, but I’m not in a rush to cap Eso. I’ve filled in the blanks on the left side with Void Ark drops and the right side with Alex accessories, and I’m fine hovering just under ilvl 200.

    For my Bard, I’m not even going to work on Eso aside from her weapon. I got her to the point where she can do Void Ark and will be filling out her gear using that rather than Eso stuff. I just can’t be bothered to do all that dungeon running again for a second character – I was very lucky I had a crafter in our FC who made me a good set of sky pirate gear, allowing me to jump past much of the Law grind. 🙂

    • When I was capping Eso’s I was also getting a lot of Law, so I actually have full sets of tank, bard/machinist, and dragoon gear and was starting in on monk and ninja too when 3.1 dropped, but since even with upgrades that’s i180 and the new dungeons drop i185…. what’s the point of the Law grind anymore? and Alex Normal is now uncapped on loot too, dropping i190… so again, what’s the point of the Law grind? And I’m told you can get i210 drops in Diadem too, so “everyone” is in there instead of anwywhere else, so the new expert queue for the 2 new dungeons is supposedly very very long and not worth sitting in, especially for “only” i185, so….

      Yeah, i was fine with everything up to 3.1. I wasn’t getting burned out on it at all, but then the 3.1 patch came in and… suddenly it’s all weird and I don’t care anymore, other than leveling up the alt-jobs.

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