[FFXIV] Tanks are all 59

Churning Mists Sunset

Churning Mists Sunset

I’m still plugging away at the tank jobs.  All of them are up to level 59 now and I’ve managed in the past to pick up a few tank pieces here and there from the Great Gubal Library (belt, helm, shield for paladin, and some STR accessories which the current “tank meta” says are better than VIT accessories), so I’m rocking i144 for my gear level.  Even when leveling up my BLM I was only at i139 due to much lower-level jewelry by this point, so it’s kinda fun to feel a bit more powerful on the tank jobs.  I’ve also reset my level-up bonus attribute points over to STR now as well.  For my Paladin, my HP have dropped from over 12,000 at level 56, to about 10,500 at level 59 when running around solo, but I’m also killing mobs noticeably faster, and I’ve not had any trouble being kept alive during the daily leveling roulette runs.

Wait, what am I fighting here?

Wait, what am I fighting here?

Something I’m finding interesting about the leveling roulette is that I used to nearly always get the Tam-Tara Deepcroft, and while there were occasional forays to other dungeons, it felt like at least 2/3 of my runs were Tam-Tara.  Since the 3.1 patch it seems more focused on the higher end of things, so since that’s been in force I’ve had Aurum Vale 2x, Dusk Vigil 3x, the Vault 4x, and The Aery most of all… not even sure how many times, but it’s more than the others.  Maybe 6 or 7?  Most runs have been good, though the final boss of the Vault can give us fits from time to time.  and we did have a really bad healer in AV that one time — his jewelry was INT, not MND, so his heals were small.  He also didn’t seem to trust his range, so was always running up into melee range and getting hit by AoE’s and such, so that run was definitely interesting, but we still managed to muddle through it.  Anyway, it’s been nice to actually learn the HW dungeons better as a result and also nice to actually have most of my tanking toolset available to use on the runs, rather than just 1 defensive cooldown and only 2 steps of the 3-step aggro combo available.

The Sundrop Dance is.. less than impressive

The Sundrop Dance is.. less than impressive

I’m still running the daily hunts and the Vanu Vanu quests.  I’m up to rank 6 with them now, but need 1320 reputation points with them for rank 7.  At 150 a day, that’s 9 days, so.. 1 down, 8 to go.  I got the Sundrop Dance with the quest to get to rank 6, and while is looks really cool when the Vanu Vanu do it in cutscenes, but is pretty underwhelming on the much skinnier humanoids.  Ah well.  Running the VV Tribe quests still give about 240K xp per day, so they’re well worth doing to help with leveling.  Between that, getting about 400K from the daily hunts, and about 1.1-1.4 million xp from the daily leveling roulette (dungeon dependent), it’s making the levels feel like they’re coming very quickly — every 2-3 days, so I’ll have Paladin to 60… probably tonight, and Warrior by Sunday, I think, with Dark Knight bringing up the rear on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

At which point I’ll start leveling up Bard and Machinist, becuz that’s how I roll with my alt-itis.  One of these days I’ll get into the Void Ark and the Diadem, but….. I’m in no rush either.  Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Congrats on leveling! I just hit 57 Paladin and have been pretty much leveling the class since 53 on Vanu quests and hunts alone. I had a few FATES and a dungeon tossed in there somewhere, but mostly daily stuff. I like the laid-back option much better.

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