[FFXIV] Ranged to 53

Ye olde Gauss Barrel

Ye olde Gauss Barrel

Both Machinist and Bard are 53 now, meaning they both have the skill that increases their skill damage while canceling their auto-attacks and turning them into turret casters.  I’ve read up on them a little bit and it’s generally accepted that you don’t want to use those skills until later on after you gain skills that require them, as they’re actually a dps loss until then.  My experience bears this out — time to kill definitely felt noticeably longer with the Wanderer’s Minuet and the Gauss Barrel activated on a few hunt mobs that I tried them on.

Wow, I actually played a harp as  bard!  sure it was just in a cutscene, but still...

Wow, I actually played a harp as bard! Sure it was just in a cutscene, but still…

Mostly I’ve just been doing the daily hunts and the Vanu Vanu quests.  I’d forgotten how painful it is to queue for a dungeon as a dps…..  But with that said, I have done a couple of leveling roulettes with the Machinist, at least.  Brayflox’s Longstop was interesting becuz the tank said “Crap!  I’ve never tanked this dungeon before!” when we got in, and the healer was a level 33 Conjurer (who hit 34 during the run).  Not that that’s a big deal since you don’t get a new healing tool until 35 with Regen, but there’s still a slight loss of stats.  The Warrior tanked just fine, and the healer was mostly okay.  He panicked a bit during the final fight and lost the tank, then actually managed to keep me up for a while before we told him to to go rez the tank.  Tank came up just as I went down, then as the tank was provoking the mob to him the ninja went down.  They did pretty well just the 2 of them (got the mob from about 20% to 6%), but then the healer ran out of mana (I saw him use an Ether potion, so that was good, but it just delayed the inevitable), so… wipe.

I didn't take this one, so it must have been my daughter.  Interesting perspective on it.  Makes my 'bo look huge.

I didn’t take this one, so it must have been my daughter. Interesting perspective on it. Makes my ‘bo look huge.

On the 2nd attempt, I’m not sure what happened, but the healer somehow went down about halfway through the fight.  He must have stood in a poison pool or something.  But yeah, losing the healer meant we wiped again.  3rd attempt we told the healer that all we dps need is an Esuna to clear poison if we get targeted with it and that we don’t take damage otherwise, so our natural health regen is fine, so he can just toss the quick cleanse and then go back to healing the tank and not worry about us.  He did that this time and we sailed through it with no problems at all.  I just hope he goes and gets his WHM job when he hits 35 so he gets all of his tools and stats.

We got a new firepit at our FC house

We got a new firepit at our FC house

I also spent rather a lot of time this weekend working on my daughter’s character.  Since it’s primarily a healer due to her love of the fairy pet, I worked on Thaumaturge to work toward getting Swiftcast.  Got it from level 9 to level 20, so… getting there.  I don’t have any archer levels on that character, so don’t have Raging Strikes or anything, but still seem to be doing all right with it.  Just need to get to 26 for the skill, so… not terribly worried about it either.  Though I probably should since getting THM to 15 means I could unlock Summoner now and SMN also uses Raging Strikes from Archer. . . .   Only needs level 4.  Yeah I’ll probably do it this week.  Quelling Strikes I probably won’t bother with.  I haven’t found myself really ever needing it on my main character, after all.

Another of my daughter's fun screenies, taken in a bed in some random FC house that she went into

Another of my daughter’s fun screenies, taken in a bed in some random FC house that she went into

Finally, I ran the Void Ark again.  It’s pretty fun, but that might be to still being fairly novel — I re-watched a video guide before going in to be sure I’d remember the fights.  No caster gear dropped (just like on my 1st run) and I failed the rolls for the 2 things that I tried to pick up, but I still got my Mhachi Farthing, so my overall gear level is now i201 with my leg piece now being upgraded to i210.  From the hunts I’m up to 4 logbooks again, and I’m a little torn between just getting the item to upgrade a jewelry piece like that and using the Void Ark runs to upgrade the left side, so getting 6 logbooks and focusing on the left side 1st.  Decisions decisions…….

Happy gaming out there!

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