[FFXIV] 60 Bard!

Ding 60 Bard!

Ding 60 Bard!

I’ve been doing more of the same with my playing — daily hunts and Vanu Vanu quests.  Not too much excitement to report with that, but with Christmas and New Year’s giving me some long weekend and with the whole family being sick and just vegging out so my wife actually didn’t get upset if I did longer play sessions, I managed to grind out enough runs of the Vault to get both Bard and Machinist to 58, then continued on with the Bard to hit 59… and since the Great Gubal Library gives such an insane amount of xp, I just kept going on the bard to hit 60, instead of bringing the MCH up to 59 to keep them at parity.

Level 60 Bard appearance

Level 60 Bard appearance

The Vault runs were a lot of fun and while I didn’t actually manage to pick up much BRD/MCH gear on all the runs (5-ish to hit 58, 6-ish to hit 59, plus 5-ish more on MCH to get it to 58) but I picked up a lot of Monk and Dragoon gear, so that will be nice when I’m leveling those jobs up.  On the 1st Library run we got the “someone’s new” notice, so I explained the boss fights and we 1-shot the place easily.  On my 2nd run, everybody supposedly knew the fights, but the healer managed to get killed early on the 1st boss by the “Disclosure” 1-shot mechanic, so that was a wipe.  2nd attempt was fine.  Middle boss also included a wipe in there with the healer somehow getting himself killed — this time was closer to the end, and the tank had just been healed to full so he lasted a while, and when the final boss finally got me it was down to 1% and I thought I might actually pull it off.  Oh well.  Next attempt was fine.  And then the final boss took 3 tries and ended with the tank having been rezzed, the Ninja having been rezzed 2x and me dead on the floor all the way across the arena so I didn’t get the kill credit nor the xp bump for the dungeon finish.  The healer just was awful in that fight, and nobody seemed to know how to move to keep the adds from spawning either.  Ah well… I still would have needed a 3rd run regardless.

The level 60 Bard quest boss

The level 60 Bard quest boss

3rd run went fine, and when we killed the last boss I hit 60, so… go me!  I had the full i180 Law Tome set waiting for me, and on one of my Void Ark runs I picked up the i200 chest piece, so my average gear level is i180 (increased by the chest, reduced by the i170 ring) which made the level 60 quest quite easy.  I expect that when I hit 60 on the Machinist that its final fight will be similarly easy as a result.

Oddly enough, even with all the play time I got in this past weekend, I didn’t think to run the Void Ark, so I missed my Farthing for the week, but becuz I’m not doing anything that needs i210 gear, I find myself not actually caring if I upgrade my Summoner’s gear or not.  Guess that’s just the nature of the gear/progression grind in MMO’s — you eventually get “good enough” for what you’re doing, so the drive to push out that last little bit falls by the wayside — or it does for me, anyway.

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Woo! Congrats!

    Being away for the holiday, I haven’t spent much time playing, but I still hope to finish leveling up my White Mage soon.

  2. Grats on level 60 bard! I can’t wait to get to sixty. Well, maybe I can. I can’t wait until 50, though. 😀

    • After getting Wanderer’s Minuet at 52, and a reason to actually use it at 54, I found Bard’s game play to now be reminiscent of the 1-59 Black Mage, which I loved. I don’t feel like I do as much damage, but I feel like I do “enough” so this may actually become an alt-main for me now. Time will tell.

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