And ding 60 Machinist!

Ding 60 Machinist!

I got my machinist to 60 this weekend, and I’ve decided that I prefer bard.  The machinist’s proc-based combo, the need to place a pet, and the fact that so much of its damage rotation seems to involve hitting every buff and cooldown during Wildfire just doesn’t do it for me.  The level 60 job quest was kinda fun with having to split time between killing adds that threaten some npcs to running back over and hitting the boss, then killing more adds and so on.  The story behind it all was pretty cool.  It was funny how the NPC named Joye went from her typical 2 braids, to a big feathered Farrah Fawcett-like hairstyle during the initial cutscene, then in the cutscene after that fight was back to her typical braids.  Continuity errors are always fun! 😉

Level 60 MCH appearance

Level 60 MCH appearance

After hitting 60 on that job, it was time to decide whether to work on my “lowbie” classes or to see about the dragoon and since I liked the dragoon well enough back in the day, and since it was already 50 it just felt closer to done, so I went with that.  A round of Vanu Vanu quests, as much of the hunt logs as I could at a mere level 50, and a daily leveling roulette and I was just shy of 51, so I did a few FATEs and that was enough to push me over to 51.  I then queued up for Dusk Vigil while continuing to do FATEs and after 3 runs managed to ding 52.  And in all of that I saw 2 Dragoon drops — 1 trousers, and 1 boots… and I already had the boots from other prior runs on different jobs.  Lots of BRD/MCH drops, though — which explains why from all those runs I pretty much had a complete set for those jobs.  I’ve got a bit more DRG gear from dungeons waiting for me at 53, 55, 57, and 59, so hopefully when I get to those levels and am running those dungeons I’ll be able to gear out decently.

Current state of my jobs/classes

Current state of my jobs/classes

I actually don’t have a law set waiting for DRG when I hit 60, though.  I’ve got a full i160 Valerian set from the endless running of the old expert roulette and at least the i180 weapon, but…. might actually be time to crank out some more Law Tomes going forward to get that ready.  Or not — I plan to get to 60 on every job, but I don’t plan to necessarily *play* every job when I get there.  I’m happy with SMN but not BLM, I’m happy with BRD, but not really MCH.  I like all the tanks, but find myself preferring PLD overall.  I prefer not to have to heal at all.  And I also am not terribly fond of melee dps, so…… probably won’t play DRG, NIN, or MNK when I get the to 60, I just want to have the mall there for my own personal feeling of accomplishment.

My daughter loves her new veteran rewards

My daughter loves her new veteran rewards

My daughter’s played a bit on her character.  This weekend I passed into the next veteran reward level, and she’s fallen in love with the goblin helmet and minion.  I don’t recall if I mentioned this or not in a prior post, but I’ve unlocked Summoner and even leveled Archer up to 4 in order to get Raging Strikes for a cross-class skill for her.  I think I’ve got her to 37 or 38 as the Arcanist class, so I don’t actually have too much to do on that character to get it up into the Heavensward areas anymore.  I should probably just completely devote a weekend to it here soon so she can fly around on her own character instead of needing to use mine.  Someday…..

I think it's really cute how my daughter so often puts herself away before walking away from the computer.

I think it’s really cute how my daughter so often puts herself away before walking away from the computer.

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Congrats on hitting 60! The way you described machinist is pretty much how I feel at this point after playing Bard for as long as I have. I still need to push mine beyond 47 to see what it really feels like, but I have a White Mage and crafting to level first! 🙂

  2. I really didn’t notice any difference past 50 on MCH. Just add in the Gauss Barrell hat mirrors the Wanderer’s Minuet and a couple of skills that require GB to be active to cast and that’s it. If anything Bard changes more at 56 with getting Iron Jaws since it’s so much easier to keep your DoT’s up with that. MCH is pretty much “spam the AE cone on trash with Bishop Autoturret” and then “Blow all your CD’s during Wildfire on the bosses using rook Autoturret.”

    Such is life. It’s not bad, it’s just not terribly engaging either, and then your combo only firing off some of the time and that’s just frustrating. Sure, “over time” you can say you get 24 attacks per minute and you get 9 ammo per minute, so it’s 9 combo guaranteed shots, then the remainin 15 will get you 7 stage 2 combos and 3 stage 3’s, so over time it all balances out…. but it’s still just annoying when the procs don’t fire.

  3. Congrats on the progress! Looking at the state of your Classes/Jobs makes me really feel like I have been slacking off XD

    • Well, I try to play about an hour a day, and especially with the 3.1 patch, it’s a lot quicker to level up, and since FFXIV is one of those “progress is always forward” type of games, even the small daily increments add up.

      Of course once I finish up getting all the combat classes to 60 it will be time to see about the crafting/harvesting rabbit-hole again 😉

      • That is true, levelling up feels faster to me as well. Though I have been concentrating on Vanu quests 😉

        Also thanks for your thoughts on MCH, I was thinking on working on that one, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll match my playstyle much. Will try it and see, as it might surprise me ^^

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