[FFXIV] Ding 60 Dragoon!


Level 53 Appearance

Wow, WordPress did another forced update, this time to try to make it look like Office 2013, it seems.  Can’t find a border anywhere so it’s hard to even tell there to click to be able to type.  Gotta hate that ….  Poked around to see if there’s an option to revert to the prior view, but if there is I can’t find it.  Such is life.


Level 55 Appearance

Anyway, as the title says, I got my dragoon to 60 today.  There was a lot of dungeon running involved — so much so that I actually ran out of rested xp during level 59 and so my 3 Great Gubal Library runs that *should* have done it for me, ended up leaving me about 200K xp short.  I joined a FATE group for the last little bit and managed to get 2 more crystals (bringing me to 4 of the necessary 3 of that type…) while I was doing that.


Level 57 Appearance

I have a full set of i180 or higher jewelry, due to focusing on STR for that for my tanks, but alas, I merely have the i160 dungeon drop set for the left side, since I stopped doing daily experts after 3.1 was deployed.  It’s still good enough to get me an overall i171 average, so I actually qualify to run the current crop of experts and their i170 requirement.  It’s actually pretty cool looking other than the plain grey tabard.  I suppose I could dye it, but I honestly don’t expect to play much as a dragoon anymore.  It is kinda fun, but I’m still a ranged dps player at heart, so I’ll probably stick with Summoner for the most part.


Level 59 Appearance

And now I only have Monk and Ninja to go.  Since they share gear up to level 49 I’ll probably do them up to 50 simultaneously, but after that they split to STR for Monk and DEX for Ninja, so I’ll do the Heavensward levels separately, methinks.


Level 60 Appearance

Happy gaming out there!


The level 55 helmet is this “hairpin” on the side of my head


3 Lalas and a Roe go into the Vault…..


I thought this shot turned out nicely

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  1. Wow, you’re really moving through these levels fast! Congrats!

  2. Congrats, soon you’re going to run out of DoW classes to level ^_^

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