[FFXIV] Melee Progress


Monk at level 38

I did quite a bit with Monk and Ninja over the weekend also, getting Monk to 42 and Ninja to 39.  Not perfectly in sync, but close enough for government work.  And hey, with getting Monk to 42, I finally have Mantra — the final cross-class skill.  Except I don’t even remember which class is supposed to like it as a cross-class and what little I do remember of the guide said that it was very much an edge-case rarely-used skill regardless.  I’ll have to read up some more on it to see.


Ninja at level 39

Since every job that can take advantage of the Heavensward stuff is already level 60 and doesn’t gain xp anymore I’ve been playing my summoner to do my “daily chores” of running the Vanu Vanu quests for the bone thingie that I’ll eventually need for the relic weapon, as well as continuing the daily hunts.  Can never have too many Centurio seals, it would seem.


The horse was on sale, so I splurged. I really like how it looks. Too bad it can’t fly, but it’s been fun to ride while FATE grinding on the Monk and Ninja jobs

I actually queued up for the level 60 and expert roulettes this weekend to grab some Esoteric tomes.  I wanna get that last i200 ring for my caster set.  I also did the Void Ark.  Got the i200 tank helmet as a drop, plus my Mhachi Farthing and 4 of the log thingies got me 2 more upgraded Esoteric pieces, so all I have left for my summoner to be “maxed” is to upgrade that last ring with Eso’s and to upgrade my bracelet to i210.  And then I’ll look into getting an i205 or i210 weapon as well, though for some reason Squeenix loves to make the capped out weapons harder to get than the armor.  Guess it’s something to shoot for.  As it is, I’ve got an average item level of 206 now, and the final 2 pieces will probably take it to 207… maybe 208.  Not bad for someone who mostly plays on weekends and pretty much stopped “the gear grind” back in November, no?

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Wow, nice!

    I have a feeling that horse will eventually be able to fly. They said one day they’d make it so most the horse mounts could.

    • I thought I remembered seeing it said somewhere that the horses would eventually fly like the Primal Ex ponies, so that’s why I didn’t feel bad about spending the $13 for the account-wide unlock. If the white and red magitek armors were account-wide I’d be willing to look at them also, but they’re character-locked as of yet, so…. nope. I’ll just keep using my gold one 😉

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