[FFXIV] Monk and Ninja to 45


I’ve started getting Law gear for the Dragoon. Too bad that Tomes of Law will go away in 3 weeks and be replaced by Esoterics being uncapped, so there’s not a whole lot of point to it now.

Through a combination of dungeon running, FATE grinding, and catching up on hunting logs that I haven’t done since level 20 (oops!) I managed to get Ninja to 45 (from 39) and Monk to 45 (from 42) over the weekend.  I did their class quests, so they’ve each got 4 pieces of their level 45 gear set, plus due to the changes introduced in Heavensward, they’ve also got the i90 gear set pieces waiting for level 50 to boot.  Too bad the i115 gear is so cheap on the market board so it won’t ever actually get used, right?  Well, maybe for glamour stuff.


Monk level 45 appearance. The Buccaneer’s shirt doesn’t really go that well with the oriental-style yellow gear, does it?

The leveling dungeon runs were quite an experience.  The 1st one I did I got put allllll the way down in Satasha.  The tank and I were both sync’d down, but the healer and the Archer were at-level.  The healer was wearing a robe I’d never seen before so I did an examine on him and… level 1 weaver robe?  Plus the stat-less goblin helm?  Weaver gloves?  And a level 10 normal quality staff.  Uff da!  His heals were hitting for 89-90 when they should have been about 150-160.  Fortunately, the tank made good use of cooldowns and Satasha is forgiving enough that it didn’t matter.  The only time we lost the tank was when the healer lost target and was spamming his heals….. on himself.  And then I took over tanking on the 2 remaining trash mobs and the guy was somehow able to target me, so we finished them off and then he rez’d the tank, and on we went.  He apologized, claiming newness to the game, but he didn’t have the tree branch, so who knows?  Oddly, he passed on all the gear, even though some nice level 15 caster gear dropped that he could have needed on and would have been a big improvement for him, so I don’t know what he was doing.  Still… successful run, so I can’t complain.


Ninja Level 45 Appearance

I also ran into one of our newest FC members at the Archer’s Guild in Gridania on Saturday, and even ran a dungeon with him last night to help him get some xp.  Yes, it’s Syp of BioBreak.  For the dungeon run he was running Arcanist, so it looks like he’s working toward unlocking Summoner and Scholar.  I ran Scholar for the dungeon run and I honestly only dropped out of Cleric Stance for about 15 seconds on the final boss when the tank was standing in poison and had 2 adds on him and the fairy couldn’t quite heal through that.  I spent the whole rest of the dungeon as a 3rd dps player.  That was really fun, actually.  But I can also see it getting boring if the higher level dungeons were all at that level of difficulty, so I’m glad that there’s a little more to do there heal-wise, and attacking is something to add in when you can.


Level 33 Archer Syp. He unlocked Bard shortly after this.

So, progress continues apace.  I’m finding that I’m not minding the melee classes so much.  I thought that Monk and all of its positionals would really annoy me, but so long as I’ve got a good tank holding the mob steady then “the dance” really isn’t a big deal, and it feels quite powerful, especially now with Greased Lightning 3 and the 2.06 second GCD I get while that’s up.  Ninja actually feels a bit boring by comparison, with only having the 1 positional for being behind the mob.  The ninjitsu things are kinda fun, but they’re off the GCD, so they’re just a skill to weave in, not anything that feels life-changing.  It will be interesting to see how the jobs feel when they get up into the 50’s.  I think I heard the Ninja gets some more positional attacks, and Monks get better management of GL3 so that it’s not falling off quite so much during boss mechanics and whatnot, so… should be a good time.

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Congrats! I’ve thought about trying out Monk, but was worried the Dance would be too annoying. I already dance a little bit with Dragoon, but nothing compared to what Monk has to deal with, I’m sure!

    • No, the monk dances a lot more. The Dragoon hardly moves at all compared to the monk. At 45 it’s pretty much:

      1st attack non-positional
      2nd attack flank
      3rd attack behind
      4th attack behind
      5th attack behind
      6th attack flank
      7th attack behind
      8th attack flank
      9th attack flank
      10th behind
      11th behind
      12th flank

      And that’s just the main rotational skills — it doesn’t take into account the dots or oGCD’s either. This also assumes a mob with high hp held perfectly still with no mechanics to dodge. If you have to dodge, then it can change up as you might need to use a different skill at a different time to keep a buff from dropping, so you need to always be aware of which skills require which position.

      Upside is that you can always hit the skill and have it go off at reduced potency in order to keep your buff cycle going. Downside is that if you miss the positionals your damage drops off a TON.

  2. Thanks for the run!

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