[FFXIV] Valentione’s and Monk to 51


Level 51 Monk Appearance.  Somehow I’m doing “blunt” damage with those weapons. . . 

So… just as I got back into dungeons since last November, they announced that come Feb 23rd and the next patch that Law Tomes will be going bye bye and everything will be dropping Esoterics, which will be uncapped, so…. haven’t been playing on weekdays, just on weekends since that announcement, nor really running dungeons at all, since why bother capping out now when I can burn myself out from dungeon grinding later?  Okay, okay… it’s not that bad — and I’m actually really looking forward to the 2 new dungeons.  But until then, I’m just working on finishing up my combat jobs leveling, and even there I’m in no hurry becuz once I have all the jobs to 60 there won’t be anything to do except dungeon grind to gear them all up.  I thought I read somewhere that they’re going to be recombining the gear too so I can just get “caster” or “healer” or “tank” gear, rather than needing a specific left-side set for each job, but it was just people talking, not anything official that I recall seeing, so that might not actually be true.  Or it might be fore the newer gear that will be intro’d with the 3.2 patch.  We’ll see.


An older shot of my Machinist appearance that was hiding on my laptop.

Anyway, the point of that rambling 1st paragraph there is to lead in to my saying that due to reduced time spent playing on the weekdays, I therefore decided to only focus on getting 1 job to 50 this past weekend, and since getting Monk to 50 would get me the “Master of War” title due to the title being implemented before Rogue/Ninja existed, I went that route.  Once I hit 50 I jumped from i44 to i116, and that made running the level 50 job quest which was tuned for i40-ish a complete snap.  Going from there and doing 3 Vanu Vanu quests plus the daily hunt that I hadn’t done in a while for what mobs i could handle as a level 50 Monk got me to about 1/3 of the way to 51, and then I just did ye olde FATE grind in the Western Highlands for both the xp and in an effort to get the crystals I need for the relic quest.  I got the 1st 2 almost immediately, but then did quite a lot more of it without seeing any more crystals.  Such is life, no?


Yay! Treasure! And love!  Don’t forget the love on during Valentione’s!

Somewhere in there before I hit 50 I’d queued up for a Duty Finder dungeon, but after waiting 23 minutes for an “average wait” of 10 minutes, an FC member needed a person to group with in order to do the Valentione’s event, so I dropped out of the queue and joined up with her.  We did the quick running around and got our hats and it really wasn’t any big deal of an event at all other than the cute story, so I then rejoined the queue again.  It took another 12 minutes, but hey… it finally popped!


Love the skies in this game!

After getting to 51 in the Highlands, I gave Dusk Vigil a go.  The run went well, and since getting Dragon Kick the “Monk Dance” seems to have settled down a little bit.  There’s still a lot of motion early on, but once you’ve got the buffs and debuffs all applied it seems to go into a sort of 4x flank, 4x behind, 3x flank, 3x behind” series.  Assuming the mechanics aren’t making you dodge all over the place and having to reapply buffs and debuffs at odd times, anyway…..  But yeah, it was a good time and I even got 2 commendations, so I guess I at least appeared to be doing decent damage during the run.


Level 50 Monk class quest completed!

Since the point of running Monk and Ninja simultaneously to 50 was to keep my bags from getting too cluttered with multiple gear sets, but now post 50 they each use completely different gear, I don’t see any real point to leveling Ninja now until I get Monk to 60, so that job’s going to be my focus for the next while.  Ninja will also get its day, though….. just not yet 😉

In other news, my gaming desktop blew out on Thursday night, so I took it in to the shop on Friday.  It took them until today to diagnose it, so I’ll have it back tonight and be about $350 lighter in the wallet due to needing to get a new cooling system for the motherboard and replace my (admittedly long in the tooth) video card, but hey…. such is life, no?  In the meantime, my laptop can play FFXIV at at acceptable frame rates, so… it’s not like I missed out on my weekend play sessions.  And when I get my desktop back with the new video card, who knows how much improved it will be, right?

Happy gaming out there!

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