[FFXIV] Playing the Miqo’te


Level 45 Miqo’te Scholar

My 6-yr old daughter’s been asking me to play her character more so that I can eventually get her the “purple pony.”  Since that requires doing Primal fights at the Extreme level (or getting to 60 and doing them unsync’d to farm for the mounts), and she was only level 38 on her highest job, that meant it was time to finally buckle down and work on her character for her some more.  Plus once I get it through Heavensward she’ll be able to fly on hers and will stop using mine and messing with my hotbars, so that will be a nice bonus too 😉


The mob is dead and I soloed it, but apparently I killed it a half-second after the timer went to zero, becuz I still failed the FATE 😦 Though a gold failure’s still not completely awful.

I started out with the level 22 Thaumaturge job since healers need Swiftcast from THM level 26 as a cross-class skill.  Dungeon running in the low levels gives a lot more xp than it used to, so I queued up in the Leveling Dungeon Duty Finder and after it popped I got Tam-Tara Deepcroft.  We loaded in, 3 of us said “hi,” the Conjurer cast Protect, and away we went.  On the 1st trash fight the tank dipped pretty low while the CNJ spammed Stone, but he swapped to healing at the last second and saved the tank, so it seemed fine.  But on the 2nd fight, the CNJ never cast a heal at all and the tank went down.  The melee guy and I each then got a mob on us, and I was able to use my cross-class Physick to keep up alive while the melee guy finished the 2 mobs off.  The dps guy then said “[CNJ,] you know you’re supposed to heal, right?” but he didn’t respond.  He did cast Raise on the tank, though.  Next trash fight, again… spammed Stone and nothing else.  Didn’t even pop into Cleric Stance, just spammed Stone.  Fortunately, I was watching now and I cast Physick and kept the tank up myself.  And I said “[CNJ,] if you’re not going to heal, can you at least go into Cleric Stance?”  But again, no response, and no Cleric Stance either.

Got down to the 1st fork, where going left takes you to a dead-end room with a treasure chest, and going right continues through the dungeon.  The tank went right and pulled the next group, but the CNJ went left and made it to the chest and opened it before the mobs in that room killed him.  I kept the tank up, adding in some Blizzard spells when I could to keep my mana up, while the melee guy killed the mobs, then we went back and killed the mobs guarding the CNJ’s body and the tank was a Paladin so he cast raise on the CNJ, who instantly accepted it.  CNJ stayed with the group the rest of the dungeon, and kept spamming Stone without going in to Cleric Stance, while I healed with my 1 small cross-class heal spell.  Good thing the early dungeons are so forgiving, no?  Physick is smaller then Cure becuz the game assumes that the SCH will also have a healing fairy to supplement it, after all.  Still… it was enough, and we completed the dungeon.  And all I got to show for it was 1 lousy commendation.  I thought I’d really stepped it up to make up for the CNJ’s shortfall, but…. such is life.


Level 45 Scholar with the hat on and reading her book

Anyway… eventually got the THM to 26 which unlocked Swiftcast, then swapped back over to Arcanist.  I say “Arcanist” because while I went into dungeons as a healer to speed up the queues, I was running the MSQ as a Summoner due to the Titan-Egi turning soloing into straight-up ez-mode, so I was regularly swapping between the 2 ACN jobs.  Between the increased XP award for the MSQ turn-ins, the occasional FATE, and running Qarn (to finish my Rank 2 Maelstrom Hunt Log, actually), Stone Vigil (MSQ required), and Dzemael’s Darkhold (Grand Company required at 44 to rank up) I managed to get ACN up to 46.

The Qarn run took me back to my 1st time running it as a Scholar.  Back then I said of that experience that “The 2nd to last boss even made me work at healing a little bit.  That was a nice change to have a bit of challenge as a healer.  Too bad it was only that 1 boss.”  That was my 1st time ever going through Qarn back then, so I didn’t know the dungeon at all.  Now… yeah, I know it well, so it was very easy.  I think I spent about 90% of the dungeon in Cleric Stance, and even the 2nd boss that was once “a bit of [a] challenge” was spent mostly in CS this time also.


Level 45 Summoner appearance. The horn on the hat still makes me cringe….

Stone Vigil was interesting.  The tank was in his 50’s and sync’d down, had a good handle on the place, pulled well, kept from getting the dreaded aevis swarms, that kind of thing, so I was able to spend a lot of time in Cleric Stance with just the fairy healing.  Oddly, though, he was terrible on the 2nd boss and kept it turned facing the cannons, so when I was trying to shoot Isgebind off of us we’d all get hit by the boss’s fire breath and interrupt my shot, so then Isgebind would get an ice breath off on all of us and interrupt my shot.  I managed to keep us all up in spite of that, but it was a very near thing.  The other 2 bosses he did just fine with, though the ninja liked to keep in front of the 1st boss and get hit big, so he died once on that fight, and then on the final boss the dragoon liked to run through the ice fields, but I managed to keep him up, at least.  Yes, 2 melees in a dungeon run.  Rare, but not unheard of.

Dzemael’s Darkhold was fun.  The tank was a sync’d down 60 with 190+ gear, but he’d never actually done the place before, explaining “I’m catching up on my Grand Company stuff.”  I explained the purple areas giving the “Crystal Veil” protection buff in the 1st section, best places to pull in the 2nd section in order to not get swarmed, and of course all the boss fights.  No deaths, healing was really easy — he was a very good puller and kept the groups of trash mobs small.  It was a really nice run.  And he said “Thanks for the hard carry” to me at the end and I got 3 commendations, so that felt very rewarding.

I’m now to the point in the MSQ where I need to do Garuda, and I can’t do my next Summoner job quest until then either, so… that’s on tap for this week.  I think I’ll try healing it.  I’ve tanked it and been dps a ton of times, but never healed it before.  Should be interesting.


Level 55 Monk appearance

And for my own character….. I’m nearly level 56 monk now, mostly from Vanu Vanu quests, the daily hunts, and a dungeon here and there, though not daily.  I’m willing to play this character less for now until 3.2 comes out, since the new Gnath beast tribe quests will scale like the Vanu Vanu do, so it will make it just that much quicker to finish leveling monk to 60 and then Ninja is my last job to worry about and it should go quickly also, so…. I’m not in a rush to “run out of leveling” to do.  Honestly, I think I had more fun playing healer on my daughter’s character this weekend than I would have if I’d pushed to get monk to 60, so…. might actually be time to work on an honest-to-goodness alt character once I get Ninja to 60.  Or I’ve still got all that crafting I would do. Decisions, decisions…..


During one of my monk quests. I liked the representation of my chakra opening

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  1. Glad you finished Tam Tara despite the oddly unhelpful healer!
    I’m going to try out healing in a little bit – after I level up pugilist up to 30.

    • Conjuror healing is really easy/boring up until level 30. You really only have Cure, Medica (group cure – rarely needed) and Esuna (status removal – rarely needed) up until then. Scholar at 30 is the same — literally only has Physick and the Fairy and if you get sync’d lower as SCH you pretty much can just let the fairy do all the healing while you do damage in Cleric Stance. Very quick to get into dungeons and then get tons of xp and level quickly.

  2. Haha.. your daughter has you farming ponies for her. Smart girl! 🙂

    Seems we’re having healer problems lately, you and I. Ah well. I suppose it comes and goes in this game.

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