[FFXIV] The MSQ is rather long


Level 50 Arcanist for the 2nd time

This past weekend I focused most of my effort on Friday and Saturday on my daughter’s character, playing Summoner overland and doing quests, but playing Scholar in dungeons.  I got her to level 50 and completed the main portion of the Main Story Quest, and then began working through the MSQ toward the Heavensward part.  Over the course of time I’ve now gotten her to level 52 between still doing the daily leveling dungeon, hitting FATEs as I run across them, and the fact that the quests give a nominal amount of xp now and there are so many of them and they’re tuned for a player in i50 gear, but I’m in i115 so I’m just busting through them.  But there are Just.  So.  Many. Of. Them.  I can see why people who’ve not played in a while and came back for Heavensward were put out at the need to go through all of the quests in order to unlock the new zones.  I looked it up and there are 100 MSQ quests between finishing the “original” story and starting Heavensward, and I’m on #36 now, so I’ve still got a ways to go.


Level 50 Summoner appearance

I’m to the point with my daughter’s character where I need to do the Leviathan fight now.  I’ve actually only done it the 1 time I had to do it on my own character for the story, so I really don’t remember it and will probably look it up.  As it was, when I had to do the King Moogle Mog trial I went in blind and …..   Well, it was interesting.  We had 5 people (I include myself in this number) in there who said it was their 1st time, and the other 3 hadn’t done the non-Extreme version in so long that they didn’t remember what to do either, so we had a couple of wipes before we finally figured it out and were able to move on through it.


Level 50 Scholar appearance

For my own character, I’d hit level 57 Monk early in the week and I’ve run The Vault so many times on my other jobs as I’ve been leveling them up that I had a full set of dungeon gear just waiting for me, so… you see that in the screenshot of that below 😉  I was able to get to level 58 just from the daily beast tribe quests and hunts that I’d been doing throughout the week, so after hitting 58 I only had to run The Vault a few times to hit 59, and then from there I needed 3 runs of the Great Gubal Library and that got me to about 90K short of what I needed, so I joined a crystal farming FATE party in Azys Lla.  Got to 60 very quickly, but I stayed with the group until I got my 3 crystals too, becuz why not?


Level 57 Monk appearance

The level 60 quest took me 2 tries to figure out, then I beat it on the 3rd try.  The 1-shot loss condition was something that I wasn’t expecting so it completely surprised me on the 1st try, then on the 2nd attempt I saw what did it, so on the 3rd attempt I could mitigate it and win.  So… monk is level 60 with i180 weapons and right-side jewelry, 2 pieces of i185 left side gear, and the rest i160 for an average i175.  It was quite a big jump in the damage I was meting out doing those FATEs in Asys Lla, that’s for sure.  Now I only have Ninja left, and with tomorrow’s patch I’ve got a 2nd beast tribe to make the leveling from 50-60 go that much faster!  And Esoterics as the only currency, so I’ll be upgrading all my jobs to a minimum i200 going forward also.  They’re halving the token cost and removing the cap, so it shouldn’t take very long to get them all outfitted.  That will be kinda nice really.


Level 60 Monk appearance

I also was able to find the achievement that tells me how many dungeons I’ve run and… it was 661 when I checked, but I ran Vault and GGL several times, as well as leveling roulette, so I’m probably more like 670 now.  But dang… I’ve been playing this game nearly a year and a half and am barely 2/3 of the way to the number of dungeons needed to become a mentor.  I’ve got the commendations — you get the gold Magitek Armor mount when you hit 300 (and I’ve actually got more than 500), so I’ve go that covered, but I’d still need to run 4 dungeons per day for the next 3 months to meet the dungeon requirement.  That’s just….. yowza.  I think they should have made it 500 dungeons.  1000 is simply egregious.  I’ve played most every day for a year and a half, I’ve got 12 of the 13 jobs to 60 and pretty well geared, meaning I’ve not been slouching on running dungeons, so… I think I’d be very well suited as a mentor right now, but nope… I’ve still got quite a while of dungeon running to go.  Ah well, such is life, no?


The Elixir Field skill has a fascinating animation

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Congrats on another level 60!

    And I completely agree with you on the mentor requirements. Even on the streams, the devs are just laughing saying things like, “Oh, this isn’t hard to get! Everyone should have this by now just normally playing.”

    Uh… nope.

    I’ve played for 2 and a half years, and I’m not big on dungeons. So I have less than 400 on my combined characters. I’m not the only one, because I heard some people in my FC, who run dungeons more than me, also say they felt it was ridiculous.

    I did finish up the achievements to get mentor via the crafting path, but still. I think it’s pretty meh. As a matter of fact, an article I wrote about this is going up on MMOgames.com tomorrow. I’ll share it around when it goes up.

    I have a feeling the whole mentor thing isn’t going to work the way S/E hopes… maybe we’ll see a change to it in the future? I think they went the lazy way out relying on commendations and achievements. There should have been some sort of trial or test for mentors to pass that proves their knowledge and skill… not some number of instances run.

    (PS – Unsynced trials count towards the achievement. I tested it, and solo Ifrit story mode took me 14 seconds to complete as a level 60 Bard. Repeat over and over for a cheap way to cheese yourself to mentor status. Anyone can do that… Which is why I feel this is NOT a good measure for mentorship!)

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