[FFXIV]Patch 3.2 Impressions


This is known from the patch’s illustration, so it’s not a spoiler to post it, right? Creepy eyes…

As anyone who follows FFXIV knows, yesterday was the big 3.2 patch, and while I normally don’t play much on weekdays, a patch dropping was a good excuse to log on when I got home from work.  Not that I really needed an excuse…  I think I’ve kept this non-spoilery, so you should be okay to read on down.

I headed for the Dravanian Forelands 1st in order to unlock the new beast tribe, but since only my Ninja job can take advantage of the xp that it will grant, but won’t be able to take advantage of it for 5 more levels yet, I decided to hold off on actually proceeding until I have a chance to level up Ninja to 50.  The quest is in my journal, just waiting for me to do it.


Um… becuz you’re in a Japanese game?

From there I decided to swap into my tank jobs and respec their bonus points from STR to VIT due to the back-end change on stat weight.  I had only bought the Slaying accessories with my Law Tomes when they were still extant, so my right-side gear was still all STR oriented.  I had picked up an i185 VIT necklace and ring from my runs through Pharos Sirius (Hard) and the Arboretum, so I was at least able to equip 2 of the 5 pieces over to VIT right away.  I popped over to Mor Dhona and traded in my remaining Law Tomes for Esoterics instead, then back to Idyllshire where I was able to buy 2 more jewelry pieces (ear and bracelet) but then I needed more Esoterics, so for a faster queue time I stayed on Warrior and queued up for the Leveling Roulette and got Garuda story mode.  5 minutes later I had 100 Eso’s to show for it.

That wasn’t enough to buy another Fending ring, so I also went for the level 50 roulette and got Copperbell (Hard) which I have done exactly once back when I 1st unlocked it and as a dps so I do not remember it in any way, shape, or form.  The 2 dps players had never been there before either.  Fortunately the healer was familiar with the dungeon and was able to talk us through it.  That got me another 120 Eso’s, and now I’ve got a full set of Fending accessories for my 3 tank jobs.


Classic Hildy, no?

Moving on, I went and found the Hildibrand quest line and did the 2 quests for that.  Cute story, but it was only the 2 quests, so it didn’t take very long.  It will be interesting to see where it goes from here though.  It’s obviously not a complete story line yet, in spite of the “closing credits” that they put after the 2nd quest.


Still more classic Hildy

Hildy’s line also took me over to the start of the next MSQ section, so I also grabbed that and began working though it.  Last night I made it up to and through the quest that unlocked and had me go through the Antitower dungeon.


From the Antitower’s opening cutscene

The tank said he’d done it once but still wasn’t familiar with it, and the healer and the other dps and I (Scholar and 2 Summoners — that was fun to have 3 Arcanists in the group) were all going in blind.  I’d at least read a brief description of the boss fights so I was able to turn away from the doll’s gaze attack, and knew on the 2nd boss to kill the meteors asap so that they wouldn’t drop an AE across the whole floor, and on the 1st boss that when I was turned into a frog the just run around the edge so as to not drop AE’s on my groupmates.  The run was successful with not even a single death in the group, and I picked up an i195 tank leg piece on a greed roll, as well as an i195 dexterity ring that is now in the Bard and Machinist’s gear sets and will also be useful to the Ninja when I finally hit 60 on it.  Yay!


Calcabrina is just as creepy as in the trailer

This morning my daughter woke me up quite early and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I had about 2 hours to kill, so I logged back in and worked on the MSQ some more.  I managed to finish it too, though it almost made me late for work since the final cutscenes took a bit longer than I expected them to.


Seriously creepy

I will admit that I didn’t like the quest that had me take part in a “Grand Melee” becuz it was a cheat.  The “contest” portion was supposedly the whole thing and all you needed to do was help your team get to 100 points.  So far so good, but it then becomes something completely different, so that’s why I call it a cheat.  As soon as you get your team to 90 points it then turns into a duel with a 1-shot loss condition, so all that time in the big group was just filler.  And of course since you don’t know that going into it, you lose to the 1-shot and then you have to do the whole damn thing before the duel all over again, so each failure is about 8-10 minutes.


Steropes even shows up during the Grand Melee

1st time I’d blown all my cooldowns on my opener in the duel, so in the end when there’s a burn phase I didn’t have anything to use to add some burst.  I took the 1-shot hit and failed.  2nd time I saved my cooldowns and went for the burn, but even though the mob had no visible health left, I still got 1-shot.  And I thought to myself “I’m a dps class in i207 gear on a quest that’s obviously tuned for people in i170 gear, so if I can’t burn him, no way could a tank or a healer doing it, but it’s gotta be able to let everyone do it so there’s gotta be something else going on.”   On the 3rd try I still tried to burn him, but paid more attention to my surrounding and noticed that the fire swords he tosses into the ground when the burn phase starts are targetable.  I failed again, but on the 4th attempt I went for the swords instead of him, killed them all, and while I still took a hit, it wasn’t a 1-shot (it was decent sized, but not bad) and I was able to finish him off and succeed.


Nice crowd scene here

There were a lot of cutscenes after that — nearly 25 minutes of them (which is why I was almost late for work) and they actually managed to get me in the feels a little bit, so good on ya writers!  And the MSQ gives a fun little Poroggo (frog) minion, plus the 2 new emotes — “Battle Stance” and “Victory” so those are fun.

Tonight I’ll have to see about finding the other new dungeon so I can re-unlock the Expert Roulette.  I’ve already got 45 of the new Lore Tomes from the dungeons I ran last night, and I didn’t even do the level 60 roulette nor the Expert.  I’m sure that between those 2 it will be possible to cap out the Lore tomes in 3-4 days of play in a week.

And there’s still another quest line, more Alexander, the new Stone, Sky, Whatever training dummies, and of course cheesing through Ifrit unsync’d to pad out my instance count so that I can eventually be a mentor.  Although, I’m probably going to need to run a lot more of the level 50 roulette since I’m really not familiar with those dungeons at all, so learning them better would probably be a good idea if I’m wanting to mentor people in them, right?

Happy gaming out there!

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