[FFXIV] Ninja to 50, Miqo’te can fly!


Kewl-looking boss in Lost City of Ampador (Hard)

Since I last wrote, I’ve unlocked more of the new content.  I haven’t necessarily *done* it (Alexander: Midas) yet, but I’ve at least unlocked it 😉  The new Gnath beast tribe quests don’t have a whole lot to them that I’ve seen yet — mostly they’re just “fly here and click this ground item” but they have a story to work through and if I do them on a level 60 job they even give the new Lore tomes, so they’re well worth spending a few minutes on each day.


Level 50 Ninja!

I played my Ninja job enough to get from level 46 to just shy of 51.  I could have pushed on it, but my daughter’s getting a bit more insistent that she really wants the purple horse and a pegasus and I’m having a lot of fun re-living the MSQ on the 2nd character, so I spent most of my time this weekend playing her Miqo’te instead.


Midas unlocked — you can tell becuz both arms are now visible 😉

On Saturday I got from needing Leviathan up to where out of nowhere I couldn’t continue becuz I got told I needed to do the Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan Hard Mode fights before I could accept the next quest.  Ifrit and Garuda were 1-shots, but Titan took 3 tries.  1st time we lost a dps to his very 1st Landslide knockback attack and then eventually the bombs got everyone, 2nd time I don’t even remember what happened but we wiped about the time that we were working on his heart, and then the 3rd time…


The Ladies of Little Ladies Day

That was interesting.  We kept losing dps to the Landslide 1 at a time over the course of the fight, and even lost a healer due to damage at one point, though since I was playing Summoner I was able to use my combat rez to pull him back up.  We whittled Titan down until the Limit Break was full and then I hit it and he tossed Landslide at me and I couldn’t dodge due to the animation lock, so over the side I went as well.  On the bright side, the LB hit him before he pushed me over the edge, but it was funny to see the bodies of the 4 dps down there.  The tanks and healers were able to finish the fight without us, so it was ugly, but it was a win.


Ironworks Casting gear — and Midgardsormr on my shoulder too

Something I found fascinating as I was working through the MSQ was that it was now handing out the blue i110 gear that took me so much effort to buy and upgrade back in the day.  I’d already pre-bought the i115 stuff that the MSQ awards you once you’re in Heavensward, so I ended up just taking the coin reward instead of the item, but I was still impressed that that level of gear was being given out.  and of course I had to do so many dungeons and trials as part of the MSQ that I was able to buy the i120 Ironworks gear for Head, Chest, Legs, and Feet to give a nice coherent look too.


I thought this turned out nicely

So far as XP goes, I was level 48 when the MSQ made the jump from 47 to 49, so I had to go run a dungeon to level up to continue back at that point, then hit 50 on schedule.  Moving forward in the MSQ from there the quests only give 4800 xp per completion, but there’s still dungeon and trial xp and those trigger challenge logs and whatnot, so by the time I finally finished the 100 MSQ quests between ARR and HW, I was about 100K xp off of level 54, and the 1st 2 HW quests where you just run around Ishgard were enough to flip me over 54.  Just as I hit 54 I also unlocked the ability to do my post-50 job quests also, so I went back and did them to get my new abilities for both SMN and Scholar.


Attuning to the aetheryte in Sea of Clouds

I went to Sea of Clouds 1st and did the few MSQ quest there until they sent me back to Ishgard, then moved on to Coerthas Western Highlands.  Did enough there to unlock the Black Chocobo and ability to pick up the Aether Currents, then blitzed the MSQ.  the only side quests I did were the ones necessary to get Aether Currents and kablam!  Flight unlocked and I hit 55 as I finished up the Dusk Vigil.



I moved on in to the Dravanian Forelands and did the same strategy — MSQ only, then the Aether Current quests once they came available.  As a nice bonus, since 3.2, finishing up the Ravana fight also unlocks the new Gnath beast tribe quests, though doing them without flight would be a pain.  so yes, I did Sohm Al.  Even got 2 caster upgrade pieces on the run.  And that unlocked flight in the Forelands and also got me to level 56.  I’ve attuned the aetheryte crystal in Churning Mists now, and did the 1st couple of quests for the zone.  Those quests are awarding level 54 equipment.  It seems odd to not be struggling to maintain the minimum required level for the zone I’m in while doing every quest like I did on my character, while this one is 2 levels above where it’s “supposed to be.”


Miqo’te doing Gnath tribe quests!

This morning when my daughter woke up she was *thrilled* that I’ve unlocked the ability on her character to fly around “the dragon palace” (that’s what she calls Anyx Trine).  Hopefully his means she’ll spend more time flying her character around and less with mine now.  She’s good at staying above everything and being safe, but she still likes to drag my UI elements around or fill my side-bars with emotes and minions, which gets annoying.  Now on to 60 and then pony farming as well as Diadem stuff to get her a pegasus…  And I need to go get the level 56 abilities for SMN and SCH too.  I miss my Tri-disaster on SMN.

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Do the Vath quests give a lot of Lore Tomes? I’ve been doing them on leveling classes, so I probably should start doing them on level 60 instead!

    Congrats on all your progress!

    • They give 5 per quest so 15 per day. If you do 1 Expert roulette per day plus the 3 Vath quests you’ll cap Lore tomes in 5 days instead of 6, assuming you play every day.

      Vanu Vanu give 15 Esoterics per quest now also, so that’s 45 per day on top of any roulette you may choose to run.

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