[FFXIV] Miqo’te and Ninja Progress


It’s weird to not see Alex popping out yet.

I’ve gotten my daughter’s character up to 59 as an Arcanist now.  I’ve had the daily hunt logs unlocked for a while, so I’ve accumulated 112 Centurio Seals already, without even doing the level 3 hunts yet.  Centurio Seals are now the currency used to buy the gear that used to be bought with Law tomes, and they’re dirt cheap — 55 Seals for an accesory, 140 for a weapon.  Sure they’re only i170, but that’s still good enough to get you into the level 60 dungeons.  I had wondered how they were going to bridge the gap between the i145 level 58 gear and i200 being “normal” now with the Esoterics change, so… now I know.


Level 58 Summoner appearance

The increased xp on the MSQ stuff has made it so that for all of Heavensward content I’ve been able to do a single daily roulette and then just the MSQ content and the 4-5 side quests needed to get the aether currents to unlock flight in each zone and still be above-level.  Downside is that to get the full HQ gear for 2 classes you need to be doing side quests also.  The MSQ only gives 2-3 left-side pieces.  The remainder come from the side quests.  This is why I ended up buying the level 58 left-side stuff off the market board.  Mostly it wasn’t too expensive, though nowhere near as cheap as when people were all doing the MSQ right after the expansion either, but some pieces still cost a mint and were a big enough upgrade that I went with it.


Got my Manacutter!

I’m curious about the Duty Finder matching algorithm.  I’ve been getting a lot of all newbie or 3/4 newbie groups as I’ve been leveling up.  The 1st Vault attempt was a miserable failure.  Tank said he was completely new to it.  Healer was actually in Vault drops for all of his gear so he’d obviously done it a lot.  The dragoon said he was new also, and of course I’m familiar with it, though tbh, I don’t recall if I’ve ever actually run it as a summoner before.  I think I just did FATE grinding to level when I was working summoner on my character.  But yeah… new tank, dragoon that hit like his lance was made of wet noodles, a healer who moved around way too much and lost casts, and of course me in my i133 average gear (left side i145, but right side mostly i115 still…) — yeah, it didn’t go well.  Trash was easy enough.  We killed the 1st boss on the 1st try, but the healer was out of mana by the end due to the low dps.  2nd boss we killed after 3 or 4 tries, but even that was a near thing.


Fighting Bismarck

As a result I was expecting that Charibert would be a brick wall.  And he was.  Oddly enough, it felt to me like the healer was the weak link.  I explained the fight and the tank picked up on it pretty well.  The dragoon didn’t have a good rotation and spent a lot of time running around instead of on-target, but still was decent, and I wasn’t taking extra damage, but the healer…. He wouldn’t run from the chain and thus had to heal himself the extra damage he took from that.  He also moved around a lot, making sure he was in “just the right spot” before he’d resume healing.  And after fire phase he wouldn’t spam 2 group heals to get us back to full before the next Altar Pyre went out — “have to save my mana for later” — and so then the Altar Pyre would kill us or just about and then he still wouldn’t cast AE heals and then the dragoon would go down, he’d waste time and mana rezzing him when I had mana to spare and a rez also.  It got to the point where I was spamming my own crappy little Physick on the tank to keep him up and it was actually helping…..


My daughter took this while flying around on her character. Nicely composed for a 6-yr old, doncha think?

Yeah, not a good run. On the other hand, no one got mad, no one rage quit, no one did a vote-kick, we just ran out of the 90 minutes, and hey, I think the tank at least was learning.  Next run I tried on the Vault had a sync’d down Dragoon and he just melted the mobs that he hit, plus everyone knew the fights, so it was just about as faceroll a run as you could ask for.  Just how the Duty Finder works sometimes.


Level 53 Ninja Appearance

On my own character, my Ninja’s level 53 now.  I had 3/6 left-side pieces of the Sohm Al dungeon set, and got Sohm Al as my leveling roulette the other night and got another 2 of the pieces, so that was a nice lucky run.  I’ve already got a lot of dexterity jewelry due to my prior leveling of Bard and Machinist, so the gearing as I level Ninja is going nicely.


I picked up the “boob staff” for my white mage job

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Yay boob staff! *cough* I mean, congrats.

    Oh, yes. I have lived through Vault runs like that. It’s up there with Aurum Vale for one of my least liked dungeons.

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