[FFXIV] [BDO] Black Desert Online impressions


The Witch I made for my daughter

A friend who bought Black Desert Online gave me one of his guest passes last week, so I activated it and installed the game over the weekend.  I didn’t really do too much with it, just created a Sorceress to dink around with at 1st.  Got to level 8 in the 1st half-hour or so.  And was surprised becuz to me a Sorceress if a long-range caster, but in this game it’s a melee fighter, with the conceit that it uses magic to empower its attacks.  Think “physical adept” from Shadowrun.  It was kinda fun, but I decided that I wanted to try out the Valkyrie.  Made one of those and I did the quests from the Black Spirit as he gave them, but did a lot of extra killing of mobs as doing so, so while I was getting level 11 quests, I was already level 13.


If you go AFK long enough it goes into a screensaver mode — a little fuzzy, drops the UI and starts spinning the camera around your character.

My daughter then saw me playing and saw a Wizard with a bird following him around and wanted one.  I don’t know if it’s a bought pet or if it’s a Wizard’s Familiar, but on the assumption that it’s a Familiar I went to make a Wizard, but she wanted a girl, so the Witch seemed the be the female analogue.  And I shortly found out the sheer over-poweredness of Chain Lightning and Mana Absorption.  I did a lot of AE grinding becuz why not?  Got that character to 15 in very short order, and even got a little farther along the main quest line than the Valkyrie did.

I didn’t delve into any of the sandbox systems like housing, cooking, crafting, gathering, getting a donky or a horse, etc.  Maybe due to that, I don’t feel any “stickiness” to the game.  Sure, the low level combat is fun becuz you’re essentially a raid-mob compared to what you’re fighting and it’s nice to feel super-powerful, but it also gets old with no challenge, so I don’t really feel the need to try out the other classes, nor to log in again.  It was an enjoyable diversion for a few hours, but nothing I care about either.



Level 56 Ninja

On the FFXIV front, my Ninja is now just shy of level 57 and will easily hit that tonight.


My new Lore Tome robe

I haven’t been doing Midas yet so I haven’t been getting the gears I’d need to buy the item I need to get an i230 weapon, and even if I had the number of Lore Tomes needed isn’t that high, so the 1st 4-5 weeks can be used toward armor.  So I bought my chest piece.  It’s back to “type-specific” rather than “job specific” for the armor, so the chest piece is good for both my Summoner and Black Mage jobs, so that’s kinda nice.  Basically just been doing an expert a day and 5 days of the Vath tribe quests, leaving the Vanu Vanu and 2 days of Vath for the Ninja to do.  plus the ninja does the daily hunts and I’ve been doing a leveling dungeon most days also.  I’m not really in a rush on the Ninja since once it’s 60 all I’ll have left to do on my main character is work on gearing up all of my classes.  As it is, I’ve nearly got the full set of Dravanian i195 drops for my Dragoon and Monk jobs, so they’re doing quite well.  With my Esoterics I’ve just been going down the job list and buying the i200 weapons for each job as I get to 490 Eso’s.


Yes, I dinged 60 on an alt character as well as being “that close” to having every job to 60 on my main character. Am I a glutton for punishment?

On my daughter’s character I’ve gotten it to level 60 now and completed the 3.0 Main Story quest line.  I’ve been doing the daily hunts to get Centurio Seals to gear her up to i179 so that she will be able to do the full Expert roulette and also for me to feel comfortable that I’m not underpowered for doing Diadem to get the pegasus that she wants and also the unsync’d primal fights for pony farming.  I’ve got her to i160 now, so it won’t be too terribly long before I’m up to being able to get Eso’s and run Void Ark to get her into i210, at least.  She loves the “dragon dress” that the Summoners get, so I want to at least get that outfit for her, though I don’t think I’ll be worrying about getting Lore Tomes and gear for her at all.


Lotta people showing off their new eagle and Zu mounts in Idyllshire


My new Wyvern mount

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Wow, you’ve been super busy! Congrats on all this!

  2. How are you going to review a Sandbox Game like BDO and not get into any Sandbox features? And no real challenge? Your level 15 and have been AoE grinding as a Wizard Of course its going to be cheese. The game has its fair share of issues and i am actually not playing at the moment because my character is glitched. But Come on…

    • I didn’t know the game was a sandbox. I’ve seen minimal things about it other than “OMG look at this character creator!” posts and those have only recently popped up. Even now that I know, I’m seeing a lot of “the game is really bad about directing you how to do anything” with quotes like “When I say “explored”, of course, I mean “googled”. I’m not sure how far along in Black Desert I’d be if I was relying entirely on in-game information. Probably still just outside the first village, killing weasels. Working out how to make a raft took me about an hour, several guides, a couple of forum threads and three videos.”

      Like I said.. it was an enjoyable diversion for the few hours I spent in it, but nothing about it was “sticky” for me, and the more I read about it now the more I go “Thanks, but I already have a job in real life. Don’t need one in virtual-space too.” If you like it, go nuts! And I’m happy for you for liking it.

      But it’s not for me.

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