[FFXIV] All Combat Jobs are 60


As the title says — all combat jobs are now 60!

Go me!


Level 59 Ninja

Last week I was just shy of 57 on the Ninja and dinged the level Monday evening from doing the daily Vanu Vanu, Nonmind, and hunts.  Yes, I get the Lore tomes from Nonmind quests if I do them on a level 60 j0b, but I was already capped for the week, so I used the quests as a leveling device on the 2 days where I didn’t need the tomes anymore.  I kept doing that through the week, so when I got to Saturday I made it to 59. As you can see in the screenshot above, I’ve run it a lot on my other jobs so I had a full set of dungeon gear on the left side, and was only missing the necklace on the right side — and even there I still had the level 57 one from the Vault, so I was quite well-equipped for that level.


Level 60 Ninja

Moving on to Sunday, I ran the Library and that got me to about 33% of the way through the level.  The queues for dps were being a little wonky in their length in the morning, so I decided to do the dailies again, which pushed me to about halfway.  Then I bit the bullet and ran a leveling roulette and got Brayflox.  That put me to about 80% of the level.  I considered just waiting until today and doing another run of dailies, but nah…  Another Library run and that did it!


During the final Ninja job quest. I love the dancing Roegadyn in the background

The level 60 Ninja quest was quite easy at i180, as I’ve come to expect with the other jobs.  I think they tune it for i135 or i140, so the gear gap really makes quite a difference.  It was a fun story, especially the part where the villains are gloating about their victory and then suddenly bodies start to fall and my character walks up with this “What?  You thought you’d WON?” expression on her face.  That was worth a laugh.


The kongamato in Mor Dhona

While I worked on my character with the dailies through the week, I also did the same with my daughter’s character.  She likes the Vanu Vanu snake mount and wants that, and since Vath come earlier in the MSQ line now I was farther along with them and got high enough to buy the kongamato/dragonfly mount.  Oddly enough, she likes it when *I* have it, but when I showed her that she has it, she didn’t care.


Running Vath tribe quests. Nice detail on the pot.

My FC has started doing unsycn’d Primal Ex runs for ponies on Tuesday nights, so I took her on the Shiva run we did last Tuesday.  Saw the whistle drop, but didn’t win the roll, and we only did a total of 4 runs so we didn’t get it for everyone anyway.  But I will eventually get her some of the sparkle ponies that she wants.  And I still need to start running Diadem so I can accumulate the spoils needed to get her the pegasus too.  There’s still so much to do…


Void Ark Robe of Casting

Something else that I did with her character was run Void Ark.  I even managed to wine the caster robe for her on that run.  Never seen it drop on my character, but on her 1st run — kablammo!  I’d also gotten enough Esoterics doing Vanu Vanu quests over time to buy her i200 weapon, so running Void Ark I could buy the item needed to upgrade it to i210.  And then I realized I haven’t yet done that on my character.  Oops!  So yeah, had to swap over and run it again on my character as well.  I also unlocked Neverreap, Fractal Continuum, and St. Mocianne’s Arboretum for her, and I still need to run Pharos Sirius on Normal before I can unlock the hard mode to get the level 60 roulette to open up.


My daughter took this one at some point

I also have been working on the MSQ again.  I’m past 3.1 now, and the next quest I do in the 3.2 line will open up Antitower.  And then I’ll need to go run Lost City of Amdapor normal so I can unlock the hard mode and thus have the current Expert roulette open too.  Or maybe not, since I really only need to do the pony runs and Diadem to get her the mounts that she wants.  I think I’ve got it geared up well enough now to be able to handle all of that anymore.  We’ll see.


The lightning effects are well done

In other gaming news, my daughter and I visited a friend and while the 2 girls played with the dogs (mostly running back and forth and back and forth in the back yard) we played some tabletop games.  We started with a round of British Rails and then his wife got home, so we moved on to a card game that they like which I’ve not tried before called 7 Wonders.  That one was interesting becuz it’s played in 3 rounds, is all, and it goes fairly quickly.  I didn’t know strategies or anything, so winged it as best as I could and still came in a respectable 2nd place.  It was a very fun afternoon.


She loves Chocobos, and IRL she loves chickens…

On the way home we saw an IFA store and since it’s that time of the year we stopped in so my daughter could see the chicks they have for sale.  She hasn’t stopped talking about it since, wants to get one and take it home, etc.  Such is the way of little girls, right?

Happy gaming out there!

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  1. Wow! Amazing work! Congrats! 😀

  2. Congrats! As a player with 2 classes at level 25/26, my mind is boggled at your accomplishment. 🙂

    • It’s really just case of playing an hour-ish per night with some binges on weekends. Not every weekend but a few. And of course, having the goal and focusing on it so I learned how to level efficiently. Plus SE has added enough xp faucets to the 50-60 area that it feels quicker to go from 50-60 than 40-50 anymore. It’s probably not, but it still feels like it to me anymore.

  3. Tommith Redfin

    As someone with who gets bored of playing the same class the job system has kept me in FFXIV longer than I would have expected. I currently have all DoW/H/L jobs in the early 30s. Do you recommend that I continue this path leveling up each job for 5 levels then switching to the next or would you level them one at a time to 60? I’m starting to hit a wall in the 30-35 zone where I have no quests and I’m too low for the beast tribe dailies. Congratulations on your accomplishments! I hope to be there some day as well. 🙂

    • I figure just do what you find works best with your goals — if you want them all to level up more or less simultaneously, then doing each in 5-level increments isn’t bad at all.

      For 30-35 the quickest leveling is in Eastern La Noscea running 1 specific leve quest. I honestly don’t recall its name now, but you literally run to 4 spots on the map and click on them. A mob spawns, but it needs time before it aggros on you, so you can finish your “cast” on the spot, then run to next spot and it will leash back. Takes about 70 seconds to run that quest and it’s worth about 14K xp, so it’s very efficient leveling. After level 35 you can head in to Coerthas Central Highlands and grind out FATEs until level 42-ish. Northern Thalan FATE grinding is quickest after that. And at 45 you can grab 10 leve quests at a time in Mor Dhona. Can do them all in less than a half-hour and they’re worth about 1/3 to 1/2 of a level. Add in weekly challenge logs and leveling can go very quickly. 3 dungeons, 5 dungeons, give out 5 commendations, do 20 leves, do 5 different leve types, run 10 unique FATEs, complete a FATE in 5 different zones — all those are typically done “just by playing each day” and while the XP amount is scaled to the level of the job you’re currently playing, it’s still about 15-20% of a level for each one… and there are 7 that I just listed, so that’s up to 1.5 “bonus” levels in addition to what you gain by questing, running dungeons, the standard FATE awards, etc.

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