[FFXIV][Civ5][Endless Legend] A Month? Oops!


My new look

And here I’ve let a month go by without posting.  Mostly since I’ve been doing as noted in the last couple of posts — 1 expert run per day plus the Vath Tribe quests for 90 Lore tomes 5x per week in FFXIV.  On the bright side, I’ve gotten all of my gear except my weapon (and 1 ring) to i230 and I’ve even gotten enough Lore tomes to buy the 7 tokens I need for my weapon too, I just haven’t been bothering to run Alexander 8 Normal to get the weekly token that the weapon also needs 7 of……  I’ll get there eventually.  It’s not like I’m doing content where I need anything higher than i200 anyway.


Expanse Barding

I also went through and bought all the barding I could off the market board, so… more looks for my Chocobo.  I was kinda impressed that the Ice Barding looks like my Lore Casting outfit.  But then I went and decided to glamour the outfit so I wouldn’t look like “Generic Caster #9572.”


My new Cavalry Elbst

I’ve also completed the Sahagin Beast Tribe favor grind and bought my Cavalry Elbst.  It’s a lot of fun to ride when back in the no-fly zones.  I’m now working the last of the (non-crafting) Beat Tribes — the Sylphs.  I’m at Rank 3 and need about 6 more days of doing it to hit rank 4 for my Goobue mount.  But man…… these quests are frightfully annoying and that’s at 60 where I don’t have to dodge around mobs since I’m so high level they ignore me.  I cannot imagine having done these at 50 when everything would be chasing me all the time.  The 2 common quests to have to do a FATE which takes a half-hour to pop aren’t really that wonderful either.


Levin Barding

I popped into the Gold Saucer to check on the MGP price of the flying turtle mount, and somehow fell down the rabbit hole of Chocobo Racing.  I’ve got a Pedigree 3 mount now to rank 31, so soon will be able to retire it and breed up a Pedigree 4.  All so I can repeat the process and get a pedigree 5, then a 6…… but somehow I am finding it compelling to do now, where I didn’t before.  Go figure.


Tidal Barding

Since the daily stuff in FFXIV only needs me to log in 5 days a week, the other 2 days are seeing me playing a lot of Civ5 and Endless Legend.  Not much to say about them other than “they’re fun” and “I hit ‘Next Turn’ an awful lot.”  But hey… they’re fun, and that’s why I play them, so there you go.


Ice Barding

Happy gaming out there!


I liked the Ruin 3 spell effect from this angle, so I took the shot

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  1. Congrats on all your accomplishments! I don’t have the motivation for Lore tomes after working so hard for Eso tomes just to see them end up so much easier to get later. Yeah, I already knew that was the pattern in this game.

    From now on, I gear up for what I need and don’t care so much about BIS. I haven’t even finished Alex 3, so Alex part 2 is of little interest to me. So, I don’t really see a need for the Lore gear — I’ll just pick up filler stuff from the next Void Ark raid.

    I’ve been more focused on helping my sister and brother-in-law level their new characters, and working on my low level classes in leveling roulettes. It’s been a very nice change of pace for me because the game was getting a little too end-game heavy for my liking.

    Oh man… those Sylph Beast Tribe quests! I DID finish ranking up with them on Zuri back when I was level 50. It was a real big pain! There were some tier 3 quests that I just refused to do (something about Pumpkins) after the first time, and I’d actually take the hit and do a lower tier quest instead that day.

    Of course, that was probably 2 years ago, back when I was doing those quests to earn tomes for my ilvl 90 armor! Good times (not). XD

    • Yes, the Pumpkin one at 60 is merely annoying due to a long run that you have to refresh your timer at the glowgrass every 20-ish seconds. Trying that one at 50… I can’t even imagine it.

      I’ve got my daughter’s character I can play if I’m wanting to do something lower-level, though I’ve got her Arcanist (so SCH and SMN both) to 60 also. She’s been watching me doing the Chocobo racing lately and has now been doing it on her and my characters both. She’s not very good at it, but she usually manages to at least not be last, so she’s still making MGP from it. And I’m not in any rush to get up to a perfect Pedigree 9 ‘Bo so… I’ve got no problem letting her run races while I’m playing Endless Legend on the laptop.

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